20YS Yellow Dress


This is Twenty York Street or 20YS is the creation of ML, the passion of ML.

This amazing woman, driven by a lot of ambitions but never forgetting what it is important in life, which for her is to keep her feet on the ground, is a beautiful petite woman who loves writing; she does it for a living as an Analyst. She writes Government policies and regulations, develop strategic analysis and other things I’m really not that interested about.

Certainly, we can describe ML as a writer, day and night! The best I know – always finding the best word or grammatical structure to your paragraph to make it look better and clearer. 20YS takes most of her nighttime, her only free time. So, it’s not by chance that this blog is amazing.

Something ML’s friends know is that it does not matter how busy she is, she will always take time to keep up with them and other aspects of her life, such as Yoga – her other passion aside from fashion, which she does not share with a lot of people as she is humble about it.

ML never calls herself busy, even though she is. So she will always make you part of her life by inviting you to an event that she will attend, a dinner she is hosting or simply inviting you to do her shopping, which she loves!

Lastly, ML is always positive, happy and always with the best attitude possible when she or any her friends face a situation. We, her friends, can consider ourselves very fortunate to have her as a friend.


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