What’s sweeter than winning a grand prize of a trip of a lifetime to a buzzling metropolis that literally never sleeps, to the only city in the world that borders two major continents in the world and to the very historic that stood the test of the time and now, sits in all its glory and grandeur as it bears all of its past, its present and its future? The answer to that difficult question is, in fact, not to difficult at all.

The answer is: winning it for someone you love through Turkish Airline’s very generous online contest that we shared with you a couple of months ago – the #TKMontreal campaign. In order to win, you must nominate someone you love and provide reason or reasons why you think/feel this person deserves the ULTIMATE TRIP OF A LIFETIME – A VIP TRIP from Montreal to Istanbul via Business Class with Turkish Airlines. It could be your mother, your father, brother and sister, your husband or wife, your best friend or even your neighbour – you could gift them with what could possibly be their once in a lifetime VIP experience, a trip that is guaranteed to treat them like royalty from the moment they check in at the Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, during their luxury Business Class flight and to the moment they arrive at the Istanbul Ataturk International Airport.


Now that we’re on the last TOP 5 Finalists chosen from thousands of entries submitted online via www.tkmontreal.com, voting is being held by a panel of judges from the Turkish Airlines and Aeroport Montreal and of course, with your help on voting on who will be the BIG WINNER. Let’s take a look at the top 5 contenders (and make sure to CAST your VOTE here) for this absolutely awe-inspiring trip of a lifetime:


Nominating her beloved mom who became the family’s sole breadwinner ever since her father passed away, Breena wrote of her source of strength and inspiration:

“My mother is always there for me. The last two years have been the hardest of my life. My father passed away when I had just finished my studies and I had to look for a job without the guidance of my father. My mother is my base. She takes my phone calls, whatever the hour. She supported me in difficult times and I want to thank her for all she has done for me.”


Writing a tribute to his wife who is passionate about history and discovering new culture, Brian hopes to win this trip of a lifetime as the ultimate honeymoon, something they never had even after 35 years of marriage. Brian shares this about the beautiful and generous love of his life:

“35 years of marriage and we have never had a honeymoon. Generous and open to the beauty and the difference in the world, my wife is particularly fond of history and Istanbul travel would represent the ultimate dream of discovery and immersion in a culture open to the world.”

ISTANBUL3All photos of Istanbul and Turkey (except Turkish Airlines), courtesy of An’i Yakala Fotograf Klubu. Visit via their Facebook page.



Reading through a son’s ardent wish to provide his mother a trip that not only would take her stress away and make her feel appreciated for everything she’s done but also a rare opportunity for them to re-connect and make her feel loved and cherished, it’s very hard not to tear up. Maiuran looks back to a mother who welcomes family from everywhere but never had the chance to travel herself, he opens up about trying to cheer up the lonely mom he and his brother left behind when they moved out:

“I chose my mother as my VIP because as much as she welcomes visitors and family from other countries, she rarely gets the opportunity to get treated herself. And from what Turkish Airlines and Aeroports de Montreal can offer – I’m confident she’ll experience exactly that! I’d like to give her some time off work to relax and unwind, put the stresses of life and managing an entire family at the back of her mind. But mostly, I’d like to be able to take her on a trip – just us two – and reconnect because since my brother and I have moved out she’s sad (I can hear it in her voice over the phone). This would be the most fantastic way for us to create a memory together, exploring one of the oldest and most fascinating civilizations in the world, experiencing the epicentre of Eurasia, and all the glorious culture and cuisine – maybe even get in a Galatasaray game. In the end, she deserves it and we would be thankful to Turkish Airlines and Aeroports de Montreal for all of it.”


Many can relate to to the story she told of a very selfless and gracious aunt, one who took her and raised her as her own when her parents passed away. Sabrina nominated her aunt, a very deserving person who made great personal sacrifices when she became both her mother and her father. To thank the very person who helped her become the person she is today, Sabrina beautifully wrote:

“If there is anyone in the world I could nominate as my VIP, it would have to be my aunt. My aunt was named as my caretaker when I was about 10 years old, after my parents passed away. In that time, my aunt made sure that I was always a priority in her life, putting my needs well ahead of hers. On days at school that were catered towards parent-involvement, my aunt made sure I never felt left out, attending all of my school functions like any mother. She was there for all my major milestones; prom, getting my driver’s license, graduation, moving into my university dorm and more. I know that my aunt made many sacrifices for me and because of that, I would love to win the VIP travel experience to Istanbul so I could thank her for all she has done for me in my lifetime. There has never been a more deserving person in the entire world. My aunt is selfless and full of grace. I know it is her dream to travel somewhere amazing and Istanbul would be just the place!”



They say there’s nothing like a sister’s love. It’s forever strong, forever bonded and Sylvie (and I personally attests to this to be the truth as I too have a sister whom I feel exactly the same way to) knows that to be forever true. She nominates her sister who is also a mother, a sister and a bestfriend and who, since they were young, took the best care of her to this day. Sylvie wrote:

“My sister is a very generous person. She is always there for her children. From a young age, she took care of me and even as a teenager, she was there for me. She is not just a mother figure, she is my sister and my best friend. We will always be there for one another … in joy or difficulties. In addition, we have less and less opportunity to travel together, just the two of us and it would be a nice holiday, but also magical moments! Thank you!”

As you can see, it’s no easy feat to choose who amongst the TOP 5 #TKMONTREAL Finalists who will be chosen the Grand Prize Winner. They all have beautiful stories to tell and have nominated special people in their lives who are more than deserving of this VIP trip of a lifetime. While I absolutely wish I have the power to grant them all their fervent hopes and dreams, I certainly do not envy the job of the panel of judges from Turkish Airlines and Aeroports de Montreal.

Having had the rare opportunity to meet the Executives of Turkish Airlines, I know in my heart that they will choose the best amongst the best. Although really, if you take the time to read all the entries for the #TKMontreal Contest (click here to learn more about the Top % Finalists and more info about the campaign itself), this may sound so cliche (and I’m not one for cheesy proclamation but I truly think this is such a wonderful campaign) but they are all winners.

Just the fact that they took the time to reflect and acknowledge those that made a huge impact in their lives, the fact they want to give back and take their special someone to one of the greatest trips of all time… they’ve won!


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