Did I mention we are going to Miami in a couple of days?

Oh yes we are! As much as I would hate to leave y’all in the midst of Canadian winter, I just can’t wait to escape to a place where the sun is brightly shining and the palm trees are happily dancing with the breeze. I miss the ocean and I am giddy with anticipation on boarding Carnival Cruise’s Breeze, a holiday that has been long overdue.


While the anticipation to our flight to Fort Lauderdale, Miami and the Caribbean is reaching a fever high, I also can’t help but stress out about how I currently look and feel. Fitness and skincare seems to be on top of my WORRY list these days. Just to think about wearing a bikini in the hot Caribbean sun? The HORROR!

Everybody wants to look their best at any given time but I think especially when one is on vacation, non? Imagine all the selfie opportunities when you board at the beautiful port of Miami, hike up the fort in Puerto Rico, bask in the sand in the Bahamas and sip cocktail al fresco in St. Marten. This is the time when you want to feel absolutely gorgeous and how do you exactly do that? 




Obviously, the answer is regular work-outs and thoughtful eating of nutritious food that is good for you. Now, that sounds good in theory but let’s face it, when you are planning a trip that is longer than 2-3 days, there are a number of things that can cause a lot of stress aside from the actual booking of flights, hotels, cruise, etc. Those are tasks that come with planning a vacation like mapping out your itinerary (Thank God for my friend Solmaz’s Blog – The Curious Creature! She has a comprehensive Travel Guide to Miami that I’ve actually printed to be my Atlas for the trip! Check out her fabulous foodie and travel blog here). On top of it all, you have work piling up, impossible deadlines that must be met just before you run to the airport to not miss your flight. There are errands to be run, clothes to shop for, pets to be placed on temporary care, household chores that need to be assigned, work responsibilities to delegate and the list goes on forever. I spent most of Tuesday evening shopping for what to wear in the cruise at BENCH Canada!

When do you find the time to work-out?

Our quick but effective tip?  JUST KEEP MOVING. Always keep moving. Even if you can’t spend a full hour at the gym doing a class, you can sneak in fast and efficient work-outs in 15 to 20 minute bursts. Even a short session of Yoga will definitely help you, if not physically, definitely mentally! While cardio is definitely a must, strength training (I’m a BIG fan of BODYPUMP! A Les Mills Class that I’ve been teaching for almost 10 years now. Oh Lord I’m old!) is what I rely on as it keeps working even after I stop working out. It’s like accumulating good karma for your body.



Hair and Skincare – c/o THANN Canada
Light blue active top and shorts – GAP Canada
Blank and Pink Trainers – Reebok, Gift by E
Men’s watch – c/o E, GUESS

Location – GOODLIFE Fitness Club, Ottawa



If that still isn’t possible because of such a jam packed schedule you workhorse you, just think of everything in moderation while you are on your trip. Considering that a cruise is a virtual floating buffet in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, it will be a Herculean Feat to stay away from overindulging. It is your holidays after all. This certainly isn’t the time to start a diet or a new work-out routine.

Go have fun. There is plenty of dancing on the cruise or whatever destination you may be heading to. How do I know that? Well, any great vacation always involve some kind of dancing, drunk or otherwise. Why else was the phrase What Happens in Las Vegas, Stays in Las Vegas invented in the first place?

Oh, it wasn’t because of dancing?


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