According the most recent trend report from Twitter, the top two New Year’s Resolution for 2015 is to BE FIT and to BE HAPPY! That news comes as no surprise as this has always been how it is year after year. And just like clockwork, resolutions are made and resolutions broken but we make them anyway. Why? Because the New Year is a season of renewal, of new hope and a sense of starting over, no matter how the past year went by.


Before I make my New Year’s Resolution for 2015, I’d first like to take a moment to reflect upon a year that brought me so much. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns, of course but as we move forward to 2015, I’d like to focus on the good and forget the bad and the ugly.

The past year for Twenty York Street as @20YS has been absolutely wonderful! We’ve been published, featured, interviewed, highlighted, shouted out to many, many times not only in radio, TV (Daytime Ottawa, CTV Ottawa Morning Live, CJOH TV) and print (newspaper and magazines) locally but also on national media, including international with ABS-CBN Philippines.


  • We’ve co-hosted TV Shows (Thank you Mr. Derick Fage and Daytime Ottawa!), co-emceed a major masquerade ball (Thank you Regina, Tito Dan and Tinig Pinoy!) and we’ve hosted store openings and re-openings (Thank you ALDO, Sarah, ARTEMANO and MacIntyre Communications), what an incredible experience!)
  • We’ve had the privilege to be invited to brand new store launches in Ottawa, attend the exciting Sparks Session in Toronto (Thank you to my dear friend Elaine and the Executive Management Team of SS, who welcomed everyone warmly and in style!)
  • We’ve been picked up rock star style with a glam black stretched limo (Thank you Cardel Homes and Thornley FallisSherrilynne and Ashley) for an intimate tour of Black Stone Homes in Kanata and evening of fine food and wine.
  • We had the pleasure of experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness a Sens game right inside the Senators suite, being wined and dined by the Sens Executive Management Team as we cheer our home team at the Senators vs. Blackhawks match  (Thank you Turkish Airlines and Charming Media PR!)
  • We’ve been given the honour to receive the newly appointed Ambassador of the Philippines to Canada in an exclusive dinner at the Chateau Laurier, as well as… being part of the invite-only event of the City of Ottawa’s Mayor Jim Watson Christmas Party and an evening of thanks at the Ottawa City Hall (Thank you Queen Betty!).

And there has been many, many more!


Professionally, this has been a magnificent year with a big promotion accepted, new brand collaborations forged, clients served and new partners established. Aside from the many online media mentions and the exclusive invitations and partnerships by huge global brands like ALDO, FORD and FORD CANADA, BMW, Fairmont Hotels, Nordstrom and H&M, we’ve has the most number of collaborations this year, a wider network of PR partners both nationally and locally, including a new and solid partnership with Tourisme Outaouais.

As Brand Ambassadors of ALDO, Le Chateau, ARTEMANO and many more, we’ve proven time and time again that our main mission here at Twenty York Street is to provide you with the latest tips and updates on style, fashion and the city and not just a mere copy and paste of press releases.

We couldn’t have done this without all of your support! My incredible family, friends, interns, colleagues, clients, fellow bloggers, my photographers, new and old members of Twenty York Street (thank you Gabriela, welcome Regina) and of course you, our dear readers.


Again this year, I have met many incredible people and I don’t just mean incredible as they are celebrities. I have so many to be thankful for in Canada, especially in Ottawa, the reception has been ultimately warm and generous towards Twenty York Street (we have more followers in Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and of course, here in the blog) and  the love being sent back to me makes me want to pay it forward, ten million thousand times more.

Personally, 2014 did not come and go without its own set of challenges. But we try to face any adversity, overcome it or at least try and survive it. As I say every year and mean it just the same: to my friends, family, Skyfall Blue and most especially E, thank you for bearing with me through the good times and bad.


I wish you a brilliant life, love and laughter. Always.

Thank you and…


ML aka @20YS


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