Originally, the post title was meant to say, Call me the Crazy Bag Lady as that is equally true, I tend to carry 3-4 bags at a time, however, in the spirit of presenting my argument in a more visually appealing manner (see posts here and here), let’s stick with the LAZY BAG LADY.

While I generally love beautiful bags and purses, I must admit that one, I ‘think’ I love shoes more. Please let’s not get technical here and count my shoes as I will lose that debate any day. Two, as much as I own a reasonable amount of (again, let’s not apply any sense of logic to term reasonable here) of hand bags, I just don’t have the time or the energy to switch them every week, let alone every day like, I don’t know, most people. With most people I mean the other bloggers since I don’t really see everyone else’ purse.


It’s amazing to me how many times they change bags/purses to match their outfits and though I wish I was like that, just the thought of transferring all my crap, err, stuff into another purse and another purse everyday makes me want to cry my mascara off. Not pretty.

So, may I present Exhibit A: this pretty nude ALDO purse which you may have seen in the last three posts here, here and here. It feels blasphemous to be a style blogger and not have, well, different style. But I just can’t for the life of my non-existent cat bother to change purses all the time.

See what I mean? Lazy Bag Lady.

ALDO NUDE PURSESequin top – Banana Republic, Sequin shorts – Tristan, Earrings – c/o Brill Comm, Orange wedge – Spring, Gifted, Mirrored sunglasses – GUESS, Nude Purse – c/o – ALDO


Perhaps that should be my New Year’s Resolution. Until then,I have five months to wear this purse to death.


How about you, do you change purses often?

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