Like, what is the least often heard sentence in the English language? That would be: Say, isn’t that the banjo player’s Porsche parked outside?

         Jackson Browne

 On some nights during the week, my family and I during and after family dinner would watch certain shows on TV that I find fascinating because it’s a curious study in human behaviour. On W network, which I believe to be a Canadian programming station, there are two things that we watch, sort of frequently – Come Dine with Me and Who Lives Here.

Come Dine with Me, my sister’s favourite, is a show about 5 strangers inviting each other to their homes, every night for 5 consecutive nights, to prepare a 3-course meal and are thus, judged on the premise of food, presentation, hospitality and entertainment. Aside from the crazy and most random selection of interesting characters that make up the show, the often sarcastic and witty commentator is a huge part of why the show is funny for us. The winner gets $1,000 in cash.


The other show, Who Lives Here (preferred by E more than me as it relates more to real estate, industrial design and renovations), operates under the same premise. 5 strangers visit each other homes – condos, town house, country house, villa, manor, etc. – to determine, based on the aesthetics of the house and the obvious characteristics of the contestants, who live where. The winner gets $1,000 in cash.

While the two shows deal with two different themes: food and home, the basic idea is the same, assumptions. You look at a person and you assume he or she likes to eat or cook this kind of food or live at this type of housing. This is based on many factors of course, background, and culture, social and economic status and while we may get it right sometimes, we also get it wrong most of the time.

The woman with bohemian chic outfit and brightly pink coloured hair highlighted with hints of purple turned out to live in the massive country mansion instead of the hippy downtown apartment you thought she owned. The point is we often based our assumptions on judgment based on things that are evident but sometimes, if not most, there’s more than what meets the eye.

I’m not sure who and what type of people drives a Porsche but I sure wouldn’t mind one.

FLORAL STRAPLESSFloral dress – LIMITE, Statement earrings – c/o ALDO , Gold Watch – Gifted Michael Kors

Mirrored sunglasses – GUESS, Wedge sandals – GAP, Striped Tote – Banana Republic




I know, one day soon I hope, E would love to have a Lotus or an Aston Martin and drive it around no less than Germany’s infamous Nurburgring racetrack, home of the German F1 Grand Prix. 

What about you, what’s your dream car?


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