IMG_9497#OOTD Featuring Banana Republic, Club Monaco, Zara and Ardenne. Photos by SKYFALLBLUE.

One of the questions I most often get asked and the question I constantly ask myself is this – as a fashion and lifestyle blogger, do you feel the pressure to dressed up with new trends and get noticed?

It’s a very good question. And quite a complicated one too.


IMG_9510Little Black Dress and Leather Boots – Banana Republic, Coat – Zara, Gloves – Club Monaco.

To be very frank about the matter, the answer is yes and no. When you go to many a fashion show, gala, store opening, designer launch, charity event and many other occasions that one is expected to dress up, you do feel the need to show up with NOT a repeat of the same outfit over and over again. Especially when many cameras abound to capture the moment and there’s a very good chance you would be featured in the news the next day, the pressure to dress up differently every time is definitely existent. On top of that, the pressure to also wear and showcase the latest and hottest trends of the season just exacerbates that feeling of “I must.” I must own the new laser cut dress, pair with the cute pastel heels that goes with the neon clutch and the coolest of jackets this spring.

It’s an exhausting feeling. And at times, a self-defeating one.




For one, it can be very costly. Although bloggers do get a lot of items sent to be them as gifts for reviews or editorial consideration, it doesn’t mean you’re able to forego shopping completely. Two, its not entirely authentic. It’s more of a pressure to wear festival appropriate outfits just because it’s time for Coachella or Osheaga or the need to dress up in furs and sequins and clashing prints on prints just because it’s fashion week. It’s fine if that is your individual style. But what if it’s not?

So I made a resolution with myself and with this blog. Though let me state a little footnote that I’m not always successful with this. I will stay true to myself and to my style. Some people say LBDs are safe and boring. But I like LBDs so I will continue to wear them.



Amanda Brooks, the former fashion director of Barneys and currently a fashion and style blogger, wrote this on her blog recently: ‘Simple clothes don’t cover things up, they reveal who you are. It’s better to be seen than to be noticed.’ It’s all about being who you are, liking simpler things and not being caught up in the whole circus of everything.”


But then again, that’s not to say I won’t wear that low cut python skirt and cropped top if you sent it to me.


Do you get influenced by the newest and hottest trends in fashion?



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