While I promised I’m not going to spend hours after hours watching the Winter Olympics in Sochi like I did with the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, I caught myself glued to the telly (as I am right now watching the figure skating competition, I know, I know) to witness the 88 nations represented at the Parade of Nations, one of the best-known Olympics spectacles.

Though the podium finishes are obviously what counts at the end of the day, the Parade of Nations is certainly a brilliant opening of the games as athletes representing their countries walk the arena dressed in colours appropriate to their flags and their fortitude to bring the medals home.

But for now, who won the big fashion parade of nation?


Strong biases and big patriotic sense of pride aside, Canada definitely brought it and then some! Arguably the best dressed of all the nations, Canada made it to everyone’s top list this Olympics. Designed by Canadian fashion icon, Hudson’s The Bay Company, the red and black winter coats with toggle buttons were absolutely brilliant! Worn by proud and enthusiastic Canadian athletes, they stood out amongst the crowd and brought style and colours to the Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony.


If you know anything like ‘real’ winters, this is exactly how you’d hope to wear – warm yet stylish. The Fair Isle inspired tuques and the scarves are definitely slopes and après ski ready.


If colours were the name of the game, Germany wins the Gold. Aside from the smorgasbord of colours, the print on print with stripes and florals that well, it’s kinda fabulous in a crazy way.


A bit on the boring side with the choice of hue and minimalist details, the Italians win on the one hand. The lean cut and the slim fit made for a sexier looking Olympic uniform. Can’t you tell it’s designed by Armani? They may not be warm but they sure do look sleek and sexy.


Much has been said about Ralph Lauren’s exclusive design for Team USA. It is certainly a reflection of the American’s world-renowned endless and apologetic patriotism what with the stars and stripes boldly emblazoned on the athlete’s uniform. Though not particularly a favourite, the United States of America delegation definitely made a statement all their own.

While there are undoubtedly a lot of countries who failed in the fashion execution like Bermuda’s shorts and knee-high socks and Spain’s ketchup and mustard combo of stuffy blazers and France uncharacteristic dud, there are a number of noteworthy fashion picks like Great Britain’s fur trapper hat, the Czech Republic’s clean white, blue and red ensemble and of course, the Philippines sole Olympic representative with a well-fitted winter-appropriate parka reminiscent of the Filipino flag.


Tonga is what Tonga does. Who else do you expect to come to Winter Olympics bringing the beach, the sun and the sand? Tonga baby! If the Parade of the Nations is any indication of what kind of Olympic Games this will be, we are in for a great ride of our lives!

That’s our round up of the best and worst dressed list at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Follow us in Twitter and Facebook via #SOCHIFASHION. Which one is your favourite Olympic uniform in Sochi?

Images via The wire.

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