To say that I am very excited this week is the understatement of the year! Wait, let’s rephrase that… To say that I am very excited yet nervous this week is… well, you may have guessed the rest!

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat first – doing LIVE television is not easy. Maybe for some, yes. Practice, as they say, makes perfect and I’m sure TV hosts who do this day in day out for a number of years must feel this is just part of the routine now. Personally, I still get nervous moments before I go on TV, radio, public performances, the red carpet or even when I teach my own classes! And I’ve been teaching for over 10 years!




Now, let’s take that up a notch and add a language X-Factor! Let’s go on French TV for the very first time!

Admittedly, though I speak French as my 5th other language and I’ve passed all my requisite exams (I do need to speak French to keep my job, you see), that’s not quite the same as speaking it on LIVE TV! For days, I’ve been furiously writing my speaking points and practicing things in my head. I could’ve easily asked E to coach me but knowing how he could be such a perfectionist most of the time, with quite a iron clad insistence that I speak “proper French”, I thought I’d DIY this one. I was wrong, E was right.




Thank goodness my French TV debut was on Entre Nous. A daily Francophone television show with hosts Barbara Laurenstin and Pierre-Antoine Rivard Paquet, EntreNous features the many activities and events in the Ottawa/National Capital region. Both Barbara and Pierre-Antoine are absolute professionals and experts in their field, as evidenced by the fact that they can talk their way into a number of diverse topics in a short period of time and do it in such natural ease. Barbara is genuinely warm and incredibly charming in person as she is on TV and all the social media channels that she’s at. She was more than welcoming and accommodating when I’ve asked for her help on featuring this segment. 

It couldn’t have been a more perfect debut on French Television. When you put the two hosts on spinning bikes and have them spin and talk at the same time (with their regular clothes on, leather shoes, leather pants, bowtie and all!), it really takes the pressure off! After all, I’m not the one huffing, puffing and sweating on national TV!

IMG_7560Can you believe Barbara did SPINNING with these H&M Canada leather pants on?

All this of course is for a very good cause. The campaign Spinning to the Movies is part of the Y Strong Kids Campaign. A fundraiser aimed to send underprivileged kids and teens to camp is their main objective as well as continuing to support programs for low income families. The YMCA-YWCA Downtown location is hosting a Special Spinning Class on February 28th – Master Cycle Fit Ride to be taught my Jean-Michel Béliveau, the Coordinator of Membership and Cycling Instructor at the YMCA-YWCA Downtown, who came with me to EntreNous. A Mad Dog Spinning Instructor Star 2, Jean-Michel will be teaching a 1.5 hour special spinning class, as scenes from top movie favourites play in the background.

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#OOTD: Black capri + Long sleeve top – c/o GAP, Memory Foam Shoes – ℅ SKECHERS CANADA


Movies like Avatar, ET, Star Wars, Titanic, Chariot of Fire and more will play as you spin your way to fitness and at the same time help support the Y Strong Kids Campaign. Seats are selling out fast so run, don’t walk and get your $15 tickets directly at YMCA-YWCA Downtown, which is located at 99 Bank Street, right on the corner of Bank and Queen Streets in downtown Ottawa.

IMG_7577Spinning with a #PETERPILOTTOFORTARGET top and H&M Canada leather pants – how FAB is that?

If you cannot make it to Spinning to the Movies special class, the YMCA-YWCA Ottawa is hosting a Y Strong Kids Cycleton on March 23rd, where you can spin for 4 hours straight at 4 participating YMCA-YWCA locations. Visit the Y Strong Kids website for more information.

IMG_7580The Victorious Finish by Pierre-Antoine! Next time, it’s a race with Ms. Barb and P-A!


In the meantime, do follow Barbara (follow for her style and fashion too!), Pierre-Antoine (check out the bow tie!) and EntreNous in Twitter. The show is a fantastic avenue to know about all things French and Fabulous in the Ottawa area and I have a feeling that we will be seeing each other again – very soon!

ENTRE NOUS#OOTD Barbara: #PeterPilottoForTarget – Target / ML – Skechers Shoes + GAP.

How about you, do you watch French Television or watch French Movies?

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