Though it’s certainly a self-serving truism, most posts or blog series like this comes with a disclaimer and it goes like this: “I definitely am not an expert or claim to be one but this is what I’ve learned in my x number of years of blogging. I would like to share these lessons learned with you in the hopes of helping you jump start your blog if you just started one or take your blog to another level if you’ve been doing this for awhile. Take it or leave it, here is my story.” Cliché? Yes. Necessary? Most likely.

Why? Because while there are many fundamental elements that are common to successful blogs, there are also many factors that make an experience different from yours and mine. You may agree or disagree with me on some points or many points here but the truth of the matter is some of tips and tricks in making a blog successful all goes back to basic human nature and common courtesy. Sometimes, it’s the little habits and good practices performed over time that can separate your blog from the rest of the pack.

There are literally hundreds of blogs being launched every day and some of them are fantastic straight off the bat – stunning lay-out, fabulous images, and great content – they have these essential elements solidly placed on the ground and that too is due to many factors. The path of blogging is a path that thousands, if not millions, have taken before. Mistakes have been made; things have been improved and there are many, many blog resources (IFB, Problogger, Who What Wear, The Every Girl, The Glitter Guide, etc.) that the new crop of bloggers can start from a place of greatness. But can they stay there?

Each year, there are new software, new platform, new templates, etc. that can take blogs to a professional level right on Day 1. There are also many people who are more than willing to pay for professionally designed blogs, gone are the trial and error days of setting up a simple Blogger page. Why? I suspect it’s because many see the famous few who made it big in the blogging world. In the fashion industry, these are the bloggers who sit side by side on the front row with the world’s leading magazine editors, publishers and celebrities. These are bloggers who’s published a book, starred in TV commercials, collaborated with a designer or a fashion house for a capsule collection or have launched fashion labels themselves. There are many of them but compared to the number of self-proclaimed bloggers in the entire universe, they still make up for a very small percentage of the blogging population.

Will you get to be one of them? Maybe and I, for one, will be cheering for you. My goal in starting this new series: BUILD BETTER BLOGS or BBB by @20YS is to get you closer to your goal. To aim for the moon as they say. As even if you don’t get there, you’ll still land among the stars!

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So, what can you expect to learn from BUILD BETTER BLOGS SERIES by @20YS? Based on my experience and from valuable tips and insights from other pro blogger friends, here’s a list of topics, amongst many, that we will be covering in this series:

  • If Content is King, Who Is the Queen?
  • What About ABOUT PAGE that is so important?
  • The Essential Elements of A Great Blog
  • Photo shoot Vs. Stock Images
  • How To Establish and Maintain Relationship with Public Relations Agencies
  • The Value of Saying No
  • How to Be a Better Blogger

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Whether it’s on blogging or life, let’s make 2014 YOUR YEAR! Will you join me in this blogging journey?


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