It was perhaps one of the best movies expected to end 2013 in an all time high in terms of cinema. Aside the grittiness and the raw sex appeal that’s projected by this film, American Hustler proves to be a must-see in more ways than one.

Since we are very excited to share with you our newest feature here at Twenty York Street: Fashion and the Movies (alternately, I toyed with its original feature name, Fashion in the Cinema), which will examine exactly that – fashion, beauty and style notes in the movie – what better movie than American Hustler to start this new blog series and what better time that this week in anticipation of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s 2014 Golden Globes Awards.

Set in the 70’s, the movie does pay it respectful homage to fashion and make-up trends of the time. Classic wrap dresses with deeper than deep plunging neckline, sequins and mermaid gowns along with big hair, multicolored make-up and highly contoured cheeks seem to fit appropriately with the movie’s “More is More” mantra.

Curls more than waves reigned supreme and fritz was not considered messy but rather a beauty statement. Reminiscent of 70’s style icons Diane von Furstenberg and Patti Hansen, both Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence had style make-over’s that were reminiscent of exuberance and wild abandon of the ‘30s, ‘40s and of course, the living large attitude of the ‘70s.

If furs, sequins and deep décolletage were the uniform for the ladies, I think we can easily forgive the coloured monochromatic suits with odd combos of paisley, polka dots and a bad perm and a ridiculous for words comb-over by Christian Bale and Brad Cooper as both men were beyond amazing in portraying their roles and so is Jeremy Renner who, in his tragic giant bouffant and unflattering oversized suits, is affable, charming and always effective as an actor.

Costume designer Michael Wilkinson with vintage Halston, metallic dresses and classic wrap dresses.

Soft fabrics, dramatic silhouettes and boldly daring plunging V necklines for Amy Adams.

Oversized printed muumuus, slippers and sweat suits, velour sweat suits and one piece leotard for Jlaw.

Though winning the Best in Costume Design may be already be in the bag for American Hustler, it would be interesting to see what top nominations will the Golden Globe Awards hand out to the cast and crew. After all, there’s a number of larger than life movies in contention for the Best Motion Picture Award – Rush, The Wolf of Wall Street, Her, Captain Philipps, 12 Years a Slave, Inside Llewyn Davis, Nebraska and Gravity, just to name a few.

I suppose we’ll have to stay tuned and see who brings home the statues from the Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted Golden Globe Awards this Sunday! Who are you hoping to win this year?

All American Hustler images, courtesy of Huffington Post.

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