Having the stereotypical Asian hair – pin straight, sleek one line from top to bottom – can be both a blessing and a curse. I normally don’t have to do anything much with my hair other than shampoo and condition it daily with THANN, it’s always looks the same way whether I just woke up in the morning or fresh from the shower. The beauty of it is that it’s significantly low maintenance (I even cut my own hair sometimes with kitchen scissors, I know my hairstylists at Joseph’s are hyperventilating right about now) however, the not so beautiful part? It can get absolutely boring.



Since I go to a lot of store launches, charity events, formal galas and go on TV regularly, my hair though most of the time is impeccably (at least I’d like to think so!) smooth and straight, can get really stale. Scroll through post after post here at Twenty York Street and you will undoubtedly see the same pin straight hairstyle over and over. Truth be told. I do long for those romantic soft waves, I do wish for the old Hollywood glamour of perfect curls framing one’s face and I do sometimes dream of that gorgeous volume of endless curly mane. Not that I didn’t give it a fair try. Because I really did and so did a number of expert hairstylists!

At the very least, we (as a collective effort) can it get to somehow curl but in mere couple hours later, you can literally watch my hair stubbornly straightening itself back to place! Last time that happened, I had to tell E, start the car, we need to get to that party or these curls are over!

Lucky for me, those days seem to be over. I recently had the opportunity to try out ROWENTA BEAUTY CANADA’s Curl Active, a high tech curling system that has a revolutionary feature that automatically rotates hair around a motorized barrel. As this part – wrapping sections of your hair into the barrel – may be the key step to achieving the perfect curls, having a barrel that automatically does that for you is brilliant indeed as it ensures a more uniform, well proportioned curls.




The newest ROWENTA BEAUTY CANADA’s Curl Active promises glamorous, salon quality curls with very minimal efforts. And delivered it did. Judging from the soft long lasting curls I rocked at the Taggart Corporation’s Annual Christmas Party (sweet invite courtesy of Ms. LH), the Curl Active did give me full body curls that gave my hairdo a very noticeable body and bounce.




Since the Curl Active is equipped with optimal rotation speed and can work with varying temperatures, it works fantastically with all hair types. It also heats up a lot faster than most curling irons I’ve tried.


For a retail value of $179.00, this beauty tool would make a wonderful Christmas gift to those avid fans of beauty and technology. But wait, I have an even more fantastic news! Right now, the ROWENTA Curl Active is on sale for only $99.99 at Trade Secrets until December 24th so hurry and pick them up before they’re gone! The Curl Active is a fast and fool proof tool to achieve so many different looks and it has all these incredible features:

  • Motorized curling system
  • 2 rotation switches for various hair styles
  • Variable temperature: 2 heat positions of 180°C and 210°C
  • Heating element within iron for a perfect thermic conduction
  • Fast heat up (1.5 minutes)
  • Ceramic coating to protect hair and increase shine
  • Ideal curl diameter (23 mm)
  • Exclusive trigger to grip and hold hair in place



As Love Joy and I did dance the night away at the Christmas Party, I have to admit, the curls did have a notable staying power as they were still there when I woke up the next morning… making ROWENTA Curl Active my newest favourite hair care tool, especially this holiday! Do visit ROWENTA Beauty’s Facebook for more updates and while you’re there learning more, enter ROWENTA’s 5 Days of Holly Holiday Hair Contest!

Have you tried Rowenta Beauty lately?

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