After a front page head liner in the Ottawa Citizen where my photos and quotes were featured not only at the top banner but also inside the fashion section in a not so dainty fashion but a HUGE almost life size spread (in the story H&M Set To Make a Debut),  I am so incredibly excited to share with you that I made my CBC News Television (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) debut last night. The in-depth interview was conducted by CBC’s veteran reporter Sandra Abma and was aired at the 6 pm news hosted by Lucy van Oldenbarnev and Adrian Harewood. It was an absolute thrill to hear them announcing my upcoming segment on the changing fashion and retail landscape in Ottawa with Grace Oudomo of 613 Style.

You can watch the CBC NEWS video right here and read more below for some quotes from my CBC TV interview.


Filmed right at the heart of the Rideau Centre outside one of my favourite stores Banana Republic, the segment was taped during lunch hour amidst the hustle and bustle of one of the busiest (if not THE busiest) malls in the nation’s capital. Looking at the massive window display of Banana Republic, I realized I was dressed in BR head to toe save for the triple strand genuine pearls that was gifted to me years ago. The red Sloan Dress from Banana Republic is becoming my all-time favourite dress (I also wore this to a TV appearance at Daytime Ottawa) as it has a super flattering silhouette and the fabric seems durable.

I was very glad that I did my routine THANN Shiso Hair Mask that morning as my hair just fell beautifully (if I may so myself) in place without a trip to the hair salon for some serious blow-out. Though admittedly, I can definitely use one from JOSEPH’s Hair Salon right now considering…

Drum roll please!

I am invited to CBC Television studio again tomorrow for a special panel interview with Lucy van Oldenbarnev in her new evening show “OUR OTTAWA”   so stay tuned for more fashion talks in Ottawa!

IMG_8188With CBC’s Sandra Abma and Grace Oudomo of 613 Style in Ottawa.



Ready, Set, Shop: Ottawa Consumers Welcome Retail Boom

ML - CBC 2Addition of H & M, Victoria’s Secret & Target kicks off retail expansion
CBC News VIDEO Posted: Nov 05, 2013 7:51 PM ET


From CBC News National:

Ottawa fashion blogger Marilou Moles said it’s about time brand name stores arrived in Ottawa, and said young professionals with disposable income will appreciate the choices. 

“They not only have disposable income to spend at higher-end stores but they’re also looking for great finds, discounts, really special clearance items so for that particular reason it’s great that there is diversity,” said Moles.

What do you think of the changing retail landscape in Ottawa?


IMG_8164CBC Coverage photos courtesy of SKYFALL BLUE. Thank you Mr. Fadi Ghaby.

IMG_8167Shot on location at the Rideau Centre with fellow Fashion Blogger Grace Oudomo.

IMG_8191All photos courtesy of SKYFALL BLUE. Thank you Mr. Fadi Ghaby.



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