How to Find Style Identity as a Fashion Blogger



Whenever there’s a big event in town that most of my friends in both social media and real life are going to, we always have the pre-event shopping party via Twitter, where we discuss what potential outfits we are going to rock during the big day! It’s always a fun and lively discussion on what’s appropriate, what’s hot and what’s not and it goes to show another great purpose of social media. While I’m a huge fan of going outside your comfort zone in many things, especially in fashion, I find lately that there is this big push for ‘quirky blogger outfits’ (especially at Fashion Weeks) like sporting animal prints over animal prints on top of polka dots with hints of sequins and finished with a swatch of fur. While it certainly makes for an outfit that commands a second look, it may not be for the right reasons one is getting all that attention.

If that is exactly your style, then I think this is the perfect time like no other. If however, you just feel the pressure to do so because it seems to be the unspoken rule, a sort of a blogger uniform perpetrated by usual exclamations like: “OMG, you’re a fashion B-L-O-G-G-E-R?! I can sooo tell from your outfit!”, please don’t give it to that unnecessary torture. Here’s my Top 3 Fundamental Rules in Finding Your Style Identity as a Fashion Blogger! Or non-blogger, we’re not big on exclusivity here, at least not in this case as these rules apply to all of us really, so read on:


  • YOU ARE MORE THAN ONE STYLE – Perhaps one of the hardest questions to answer is – What is your style? Because whether you identify yourself as boho chic (I try, close but no cigar!), classic elegant, rustic country, modern minimalist or total rock ‘n roll, that’s not you all the time, is it? Even though there’s a general style you continue to fall back into, sometimes, you want to be a bit or both or something completely different. Sometimes, it’s a simple as dressing as the way you feel or the weather!
  • FIND YOUR FASHION INSPIRATION – The beauty about this digital world we live in is that everything is so accessible with one press of that Google button! You can find the newest snapshots of the runway, the top fashion and beauty trends f the year, electronic copies of magazines, thousands of blogs, instagram posts and boards in Pinterest, inspiration is literally everywhere and it’s not limited to models or celebrities either, nature or architecture provides constant inspiration too. Find those ones that draw you in, style that fascinates you or you can relate to and that may be your own individual style.
  • FASHION FADES BUT STYLE IS ETERNAL – I suppose I have to give credit to Yves St. Laurent for this, yes? The point is fashion, trends, they come and go but style is something that is inherent to you. It’s that certain sense of unique flair you have, that twist you add whether you tend to go for the bohemian or the elegant. Be wise in spending time and money on trendy pieces as they may not last you more than one season and choose ones that you will wear over and over again. But if this year’s top trends teach us anything, it’s that what’s old is new again. Fashion is indeed one big recycling process!




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IMG_8498“Ombré eye shadow”: make-up featured at Fashion Magazine’s Beauty Panel.

IMG_8497Photos courtesy of: SKYFALL BLUE.Location: National Archives of Canada.


What about you, do you have any tips on how to find one’s style identity, fashion blogger or not?




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