Whether you’ve been blogging for awhile or you’re an up and coming in this industry of blogging, you know for a fact that there’s certain intricacies about this business that one needs to learn in order to stay or be ahead of the curve. Whether your goal is to just express your opinion, explore your creativity create a name for yourself, become rich and/or famous or both, the question of monetizing your blog has entered your thoughts at one point or another, if not constantly.

It certainly has mine and many of the bloggers I know regardless what kind of genre or category they blog about. While it’s great to receive tickets, products and services for free, there comes a time in a blogger’s life that one realizes, is there more to life than this? The answer maybe yes for some and no for others and that’s not just one cliché. I know friends who run successful blogs, podcasts (here’s looking at you Nick and Andrew of LUNCH OUT LOUD in Ottawa!) or other forums but have no intention of monetizing them as either don’t want to sell out or feel obligated to cater their content to their sponsors. For most of however, whether we admit it or not (I’m sure SKYFALL BLUE’s CEO Fadi Ghaby would agree with this), think of this to ourselves: wouldn’t it be nice to do what we love and get paid for it?

After all, why do you blog in the first place?

If you’re answer is to make money, connections and get bigger and better (in whatever sense in applies to you) then THIS may be the conference for you! Organized and hosted by Toronto’s (if not Canada’s) top Fashion and Beauty Bloggers and Influencers (Elaine Atkins, Deanne Castro, Nicole Wilson to name a few, meet the rest of the team here), SPARKS SESSIONS is the first Fashion and Beauty Blogger Conference in Canada and will be held on November 16 to 17, 2013 in Toronto. With notable keynote speakers Jeanne Beker (whom we covered during the Royal Tea-Party in Ottawa) and Elaine Lui aka Lainey Gossip (whom I met in Ottawa last year during her Gossip University Tour via Vitamin Water), this conference is set to be a highly informative and exciting series of sessions for Fashion and Beauty Bloggers who wants to learn more beyond Blogging 101.


According to Elaine Atkins of the national popular beauty blog Toronto Beauty Reviews, “SPARKS SESSIONS offer bloggers not only the change to mingle with each other but to  they will also have the opportunity to connect with brands, PR professionals, and top influences to learn, network and share while realizing their full potential.”

With major sponsors such as SMART SET, Almay and Tria, Sparks Sessions will offer valuable workshops on Blogging, Branding and Social Media, How to Build Your Media Kit, How to Get Published, the Business of Blogging, etc. from speakers such as Valerie Stachurski, Tammy Burns, Lena Almeida, Jessica Desjardins and more, SPARKS SESSION is set to become a brilliant resource for bloggers, veteran and new. To purchase your tickets, don’t walk run and get them right here:

For more information about SPARKS SESSIONS, speaker schedule and the full agenda, visit their website, like on Facebook and also follow in Twitter @sparkssessions and make sure to meet the whole team when you do go!

Now go on and find your SPARK!

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