It’s raining men!

Well not quite men exactly but they say when it rain, it pours is so incredibly true! After a back to back TV segment appearances at Daytime Ottawa with Derick Fage and Lois Lee (not to mention my Top 10 Versatile Beauty Products TV segment with Dylan Black at Daytime Ottawa), I had another back to back request for TV interview with CBC News and as of press time, CTV News National! This time for CBC Ottawa  is for a new special television show OUR OTTAWA hosted by Lucy Van Oldenbarnev.

IMG_8700#OOTD: Dress, Boots and Bejewelled Cuff by Banana Republic. Statement necklace – Club Monaco.

IMG_8650Hair and Skincare courtesy of THANN Skincare. Make-up by CBC News Ottawa.


Together with Grace Oudomo of 613 Style (my partner in fashion crime!),  we headed over to CBC Ottawa’s studios starting with a quick touch-up and ‘TV powder’ application by CBC’s official make-up artist. What a treat as she is not only a veteran expert in the industry but she was also well-equipped and quite warm and charming! Make-up took about 5 minutes – she said I didn’t need much and will leave my lips exactly as they are as she loved my Maybelline’s Sensational Vivids in Fuchsia Blast!


IMG_8661Behind the Scenes Coverage Courtesy of: SKYFALL BLUE. Thank you Mr. Fadi Ghaby.

Dressed in a Royal Blue (almost Indigo) figure flattering dress from Banana Republic with a deep V at the back, we marched over to one CBC’s massive studio only to be warmly welcomed by the delightful and highly charismatic host Lucy Van Oldenbarnev. The television studio was huge, perhaps the biggest I have been to so far, while the staff was incredibly efficient and professional. Proudly wearing our red poppies in honour of Remembrance Day, we tackled the day’s pressing questions about fashion.

Though the topic is indeed about style, fashion and the changing retail landscape in Ottawa, make no mistake, Lucy asked hard hitting questions beyond what big name brand stores are coming to Ottawa and how are the local smaller boutiques reacting to this exodus of retail giants to the nation’s capital. While it’s great that there are more choices and diversity when it comes to shopping and style in Ottawa, how are the local stores keeping up? How can they compete with big retail stores like H&M, Forever 21, Zara, Target, Nordstrom and Quebec’s Simons, which offers apparel at much lower prices? Will these expanding (and almost) retail landscape change Ottawa’s reputation as one of the most boring and un-fashionable cities in North America?

These amongst many thought provoking questions were asked during the “Our Ottawa” interview and they weren’t always easy to answer. I was made aware afterwards (Thank you Mr. Ghaby!) that I mentioned Banana Republic at least 3 times during the show and so did Lucy… in my defense (not that I need to), it’s an honest account for my personal shopping habit. My taste and style in general veer towards classic and elegant and I need to make sure that my clothing is timeless as it’s the best value for my dollars. I can wear it despite of the season and because they are not trendy (at least not that trendy), I can wear it year after year for many years, that is why even though there’s quite a number of brands, both Canadian, International and local, I do shop a lot at Banana Republic.  Alright, that may not be breaking news if you have been following my #OOTD (or OUTFIT OF THE DAY to you my non-acronym lover friends), it’s not a surprise as I have great quality pieces from BR and the staff at the Banana Republic Rideau Centre are more than amazing in professionalism and customer service bar none!

The point is, I love my tried and tested stores but I also do want to explore the exciting and the new! If there’s anything I want to add to the interview, which was aired 3 times this week without any cuts or much edits as far as I can tell, I want to say 3 things: I do wish there are more options for men’s fashion in Ottawa, I do love to support local (stores and designers) and I hope for more real engagement in fashion in both social media and IRL.

For more on this fashion series and the behind the scenes coverage of OUR OTTAWA by SKYFALL BLUE, keep on reading below!

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IMG_8714SKYFALL BLUE CEO Fadi Ghaby with CBC’s OUR OTTAWA host Lucy Van Oldenbarnev.


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IMG_8705Executive Producer Adele Martel takes a snap for CBC Ottawa’s Twitter and Instagram.

IMG_8717With CBC News Producer Sarah and 613 Style Editor-in-Chief Grace.


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