While the fall season has definitely made its presence known this week, I’m trying to cling on to the last bits of warmth and still refuse to wear tights and long boots. Mother Nature is quite a tease you see, the weekend before this was absolutely gorgeous that patios re-opened and summer outfits re-mixed! I feel like once I put on winter appropriate gear, there is no turning back! It starts with a little scarf, then heavier fabric coats then before you know it, you can barely recognize people as they completely covered in full-on winter parka scurrying to get from one warm place to another.

I think the perfect compromise at this point since someone seems to love showing off bare legs even with the mercury dropping are these higher length booties – the SCULPTURED 75 Booties from ECCO Shoes Canada. This collection is definitely designed for premium comfort, which I find lacking in some of the most beautiful shoes I own. Using advanced ECCO technology, these booties are lighter, more flexible and better cushioned – everything you need to stay stylish this fall!

It matches harmoniously with many outfit combinations but it couldn’t be more perfect with this skater skirt from GAP and this dainty and absolutely gorgeous lace blouse from Banana Republic. It’s feminine, demure yet sexy in an elegant way. It was the perfect outfit for my TV segment (stay tuned for our full coverage of the segment featuring Banana Republic and L’Hexagone Clothing for Men) on Men’s Fall Fashion at Daytime Ottawa! I did not even need to style my hair, okay I admit, I don’t normally style it except wash it with THANN’s Aromatic Shampoo and Conditioner and with THANN’s to die for Shiso Hair Mask every week and I’m good to go as my hair always stay pin straight. I’m not sure if that’s a blessing or a curse. Either way, I really love how this look came together. Admittedly (again), I copied this (almost) entire look from Banana Republic Rideau’s General Manager Chelsea Koski when she wore the same top and black skirt combo as one of my beautiful models to my TV segment on women’s fall fashion last month!

Well, inspiration is really everywhere so why not copy a good thing when you see one?

IMG_8417All photos courtesy of: SKY FALL BLUE. Some items in this #OOTD are sponsored.



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Where do you get your sartorial inspiration?

IMG_8419MERCI BEAUCOUP Brill Communications for sending this gorgeous booties.

IMG_8420BIG THANK YOU to Banana Republic and L’Hexagone Clothing for Men.



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