This post should really be called “SPECIAL THANKSGIVING POST: 101 THINGS TO BE GRATEFUL ABOUT TODAY” however, due to some recent press coverage (a HUGE one if I may add, literally),  I have to alter this post a bit though I hope my main thesis remains the same.

Not so long ago, a private message from my friend (THANK YOU my dear LE!) popped up in Facebook after I posted a photo of me playing the piano at the Opera Lyra Ottawa’s Annual Garden Party, a fundraiser affair for the Opera hosted by the Italian Ambassador at his grand official residence no less. With a mix of sarcasm, playful banter and wit, he said:

“… maybe i should just wake up and realize that not all people are created equal i mean that’s the only justification at this point: you vacation in Bali, have an awesome sense of humor, you’re drop dead beautiful, have a keen artistic eye, have your business, super charismatic and personable, speak Spanish, AND play the piano. is there anything that sucks about you?

C”mon tell me you have an ingrown Siamese twin growing off your elbow or something. Anything.”

I cannot tell you how that struck me speechless. Sometimes, I forget.

Sometimes, there are really awful things that happens, like big failures I don’t see coming and I’m blinded by all the good things, nay great things, and only see the bad. But like that day I spoke to my friend in Facebook and this morning, when I woke up to my mother’s message saying: “You are on the front page of the OTTAWA CITIZEN! Front Page! I’m going around at work showing it off!” (That’s coming from my mother and anyone would agree with me, that’s a BIG DEAL!) – there is indeed sunshine after the rain!

So today, I am grateful, so THANKFUL for everything. For the good, the bad, the ugly.

They make me who I am.

And who I am right now is that one on the front page.

ML - OTTAWA CITIZEN HM@20YS featured in Ottawa Citizen: H&M set to make its debut by Janet Wilson. Photo by SFB.

IMG_3551Photos courtesy of: Don and Jen Chow, Foodie Prints at FORD Fiesta Event 2013.



  •  Hair and Skincare – c/o THANN Canada
  • Issa Collection Three-Quarter Sleeve Wrap-Tie Dress – BANANA REPUBLIC – ISSA
  • Daisy Statement Necklace– BANANA REPUBLIC
  • Gold and leather cuff – Smart Set
  • Diamond Studs – c/o TACORI
  • Orange structured purse – Gift from Auntie E
  • Aviators – RAY BAN
  • Black patent sandals – GUESS
  • Summer to Fall Make-up Transition – @20YS as Featured in Fashion Magazine’s Beauty Panel


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IMG_3559Photos courtesy of: Don and Jen Chow, Foodie Prints at FORD Fiesta Event 2013.

IMG_3527Photos courtesy of:


What are you grateful about?



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