There is nothing more exciting for us fashion lovers than finding out that your much anticipated store from South of the Border is finally opening in your hometown. Fast fashion, the latest in trends straight off the runway and of course, the occasional much feted designer collaboration. This fall, Ottawa welcomes the addition of the American retail giant TARGET to its shopping landscape.

IMG_5621Double Trouble: #PHILLIPLIMFORTARGET Collection was selling out both online and in store.

IMG_5619Perhaps one of Phillip Lim for TARGET’s most coveted piece – the BOOM Sweater + Sweater Dress.

September 17th marks the date as Canada’s capital opens it doors to three target locations: Billings Bridge Mall, Place D’Orleans and Hazeldean Mall and boy, was I ever lucky to be one of the many bloggers invited for the grand opening at Billings Bridge!



IMG_5602Outfit featured: Drop waist dress and Animal Print Coat – Banana Republic. Hair by THANN.

Having collaborated with BB in the past, I know I was in for a treat when the official invitation came in.



And a treat indeed it was!


Fueled by coffee and muffins at the Blogger’s Breakfast, everyone was giddy lining up outside of Target despite the cold, waiting for the door to finally open and spend our $50 gift card. With so much to choose from, Rania (The Wardrobe Stylist) and I certainly loaded up our cart to the max. As we only really had a limited time budgeted for shopping as both have to dash to the office (did we mention the BBBB – that’s Billings Bridge Blogger’s Breakfast for you was at 7:00 am?!), we have to be really wise in choosing our top picks!




We strategically ran straight to the 3.1 Phillip Lim section to snatch some highly coveted pieces like the kitschy BOOM sweater and sweater dress and the fall it bags, which sold out within 15 minutes of the store officially opening its doors. Here’s some photos Twenty York Street was able to snap before we were told no can do by a TARGET employee. Do check out Rania (The Wardrobe Stylist), VJ Ina Zara (Ottawa Velo Vogue), Leah (EF Magazine), Grace (613 Style) and other bloggers’ posts on this and find out their TARGET shopping haul!

IMG_5623Chic and stylish Rania Abdullah (The Wardrobe Stylist). Fall Fashion Trends by Rania up soon.

IMG_5604Always fun, always charming, ever talented – VJ Ina Zara (Ottawa Velo Vogue).

IMG_5608The veritable fashionista and stylist Leah Harper (EF Magazin Contiributor).

Don’t forget to stay tuned for the next post to see how I spent my $50 Target Gift Card from Billings Bridge. You can check out our TARGET CANADA shopping journey by visiting our Twenty York Street Facebook Page or follow in Twitter and Instagram via @20YS and #GOBILLINGS.



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