I was going to wait until I’ve donned m’self an orange outfit but I figured, since I’ve officially wrapped up Netflix Original Series Orange Is the New Black the other night, I can’t wait another day to give you my POV on the new show.


Admittedly, I’ve glossed over this show on my queue for weeks as I was afraid to get sucked in, yet again, to another TV series that would eat away my whole night and day and possibly my weekend. And it exactly that. Thanks to my dearest friend and (TV and Pop Culture plus many more, of course) influencer Natalie (she got me and Fadi on BREAKING BAD and now he can’t stop saying I’m Mr. White, Beeeeetch!), who insisted I watch this show.

I’m glad I did.

I may have to stop myself right here and tell you to just go watch it – it’s absolutely a must see! With feminist sentiments aside and no offense to anyone at all, it’s a must see for us women. Not only because there’s a significant amount of references worthy of quoting and re-quoting in pop culture but there’s also a great amount of fashion and beauty (It’s prison, who knew?) talk that only women can really related to.


Based on the true life Piper Kerman is an American memoirist whose experiences in prison provided the basis for the comedy-drama series Orange Is the New Black, this is a true to life story of a drug mule/money launderer who was a former homosexual turned heterosexual but is at risk of turning back into being a homosexual once again. I’m no expert in the gay/lesbian subject so I’ll leave it at that and I also want to avoid the risk of spoiling the entire series for you because let’s face it, that’s just a crime unforgivable, yes?

Played by Taylor Schilling (who was also the leading lady next to Zac Efron in the LUCKY ONE. I still can’t believe I paid full price for that one!), the lead role in the Netflix Original Series, Orange is the New Black (2013) is beautifully complex character, one that you tend to give and take away your empathy from, one that you, as they say, would love to love and would love to hate at the same time!



If the mini preview above doesn’t entice you to just press that WATCH NOW button already, these five points definitely will:

  • The Salacious Mix of Characters

I’m no judge of a book’s cover here but just read the names of the characters in the show #OITNB – Pennsatucky Doggett, Poussey (Washington, because adding a name of a state dignifies it), Taystee, RED, Nicky Nichols,  Carrie “Big BOO” Black (who in fact is white in the show), Yoga Zen Master  and of course, CRAZY EYES! Piper, the main character, may actually be the least colourful of all the characters – literally and figuratively!

Images Courtesy of Get Glue.

  • Breaking Down Television Barriers

Let’s face it, this may be the 21st century but there are things you still just can’t say on Television, unless they are say.. HBO Specials. In Orange Is the New Blackmost if not all social taboos are put on the table, all raw and controversial it may be. Be it incest, rape, abortion, being Jewish, being Black, anything and everything is talked including the Kinsey Scale! After all, don’t you want to know  little or a lot gay!

  • Smart Writing – Delicious Mix of Dramedy

Aside from the obvious hommage to many television shows and movies in the past (Weeds, Star Trek, American Pie), #OITNB is smart period. Where else can you get your DIY How to Survive Dating in Prison to Fending Off Pyscho Stalker to Smuggling Knickers Bars to well, grammar and Spanish lessons? Orange Is the New Black teaches you a whole lot of things real life will sooner or later teach. Just think of it more as an accelerated MBA Program for LIFE.

Images Courtesy of Get Glue.

  • A Sociologist’s Wonderland – It talks about EVERYTHING

Where do you being to analyze characters than range from the sorta sane to the insane? There is more than enough socio-economic issues to be dissected, there is race and religion to be debated and even within classes, there is the obvious divide just worth noting. Not to forget the ever pressing GLBTTQ  issues, which is a more realistic portrayal of gay-lesbian relationships IMO. We can’t all be lipstick lesbians, can we?

Images Courtesy of Get Glue.

  • There is NO BLACK OR WHITE – It’s a GREY, GREY World my Friends

Or perhaps I should say ORANGE. This is definitely one of those shows that demonstrates (deliciously, if I may add) the eternal truth that is there is no one purely good or purely evil. The #OITNB characters are ones that will delight you today and disappoint you tomorrow. Even those ones you’ve pegged as the good ones turn out to be conniving, cheating or back stabbing scums of the earth.  Did life or prison make them that way or innately, we really are who we are?

This is the one show that may reflect (though I can’t give you the KINSEY SCALE result on this!) the constant truth in being human. That constant truth that we may be both good and evil and that Jason Biggs is forever a nerd (or a geek, whichever applies) and well… kind of a douche!

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK – to binge or not to binge?

That is the question.



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