Lately, there’s been one question that has been bothering me.

Every time I get asked this question, I have the same answer but then it got me thinking… is that really a truthful answer or at the very least, if it was true, is still the right answer after all these years.

 IMG_3098 All  KOKU Nail Bar Staff (like Dominica) are highly trained and certified.


That question my friends is this – WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE COLOUR?

I always answer – BLUE. What about you?

But  then I got thinking of all things blue, my closet, my shoes, my furniture and apart from my standby suits and denim jeans of course, I do not own much blue so it got me thinking, is BLUE really my favourite colour? Some people always associate me with yellow, I suspect it’s that ubiquitous Twitter Profile Picture I’ve had since the 160-character social media platform was invented but that’s not it. I love yellow and orange and pink but I wouldn’t say their my favourite colour either.

Btw, I do realize the irony of an entire post dedicated to figuring out one’s favourite colour as if we’re choosing lifelong career choices like being an astronaut or a doctor but bear with me, I do hope to make a point here.

IMG_3112Bonus point at KOKU: Plenty of arm space to tweet in between nail polish application.

IMG_3151KOKU NAIL LACQUER: NO Formaldehyde, NO Toluene, NO DBP

That point ladies and gentlemen is this – when you can’t figure the answer to this age old question – do I like yellow or do I like blue, go get a manicure! With (literally!) hundreds of  colours to choose from at KOKU, there is bound to be a colour family that are you are drawn to. And within that family of colours, you’ll find one that speaks to you!

So guess what, like the Oracle of Matrix who said Neo is the one, KOKU NAIL BAR  gave me my truth!

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As I glossed over the many beautiful and bright and shiny and fun colours at KOKU, I keep glossing over the reds, pinks, purples and yellows and gravitated towards the blues and in particular, this one of a kind of BLUE and I fell in love. Not to be overly dramatic here but trust me, when you get to test and try out tons of nail polishes over time, you tend to love everything or love nothing!


Aside from the fact that the KOKU staff did an incredible job in thoroughly cleaning and shaping my nails (they are famous for their MANI EXRESS, 11 dollars for 11 minutes manicure), the brand’s own nail lacquer went on smoothly, the pigment was deep and the texture was satiny and here’s the most incredible part – it lasted me for over a week when normally, my polish chips the very next day!

IMG_3099NO Appointments necessary at KOKU NAIL BAR! Just come in and they’ll serve you!


IMG_3108KOKU NAIL BAR Location: 1200 St Laurent Blvd Ottawa, Ontario K1K 3B8

IMG_3109FRENCH MANI application by KOKU Nail Bar Staff and Nail Art Expert Ali.


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IMG_3145Find KOKU NAIL BAR in St. Laurent Shopping Cenre, by the GOODLIFE entrance.


Despite the fact that KOKU was very busy, it is in the heart of the St. Laurent Shopping Centre (in Ottawa) after all,  the staff was very attentive, detailed and utmost professionals! They are all certified and highly trained in not only nail technology but all the girls are experts in nail art, a growing trend especially in the last couple of years. In fact, KOKU is quickly gaining reputation as nail experts as they were just featured on TV – giving nail care and nail art tutorials at Daytime Ottawa with hosts Derick Fage and Lois Lee.


Back to my nails that are so perfectly BLUE, I have to say… THANK YOU KOKU and yes, I am LOCO ABOUT YOU!


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