Thrilled to Meet You: Canada Goose Trillium Parka

Confession: Although I love shopping, the important element of it, which is trying clothes on (shoes, I don’t mind so much) is the part that I dread the most. Especially during winter when you have layers over layers of fleece, cashmere and fur, just the thought of taking them all off and putting them all back on again is dreadful.

I usually buy without trying things on, inevitably, there are quite a few misses, especially from stores that I do not normally frequent. Because I absolutely hate returning things, I do end up keeping them or giving them away to friends and family who’ll find it a better fit.
There is one exception to this rule however. Well, two rules.
When it comes to winter jacket orparka, believe me, I have tried, road-tested, exchanged and returned so many. For a number of years now, E has been giving me a winter jacket as a Christmas gift.

Trillium Parka – Canada Goose, Shoes and Accessories – Banana Republic

E-ve-ry. Year.

I believe part of that was a self-serving reason that one, I would finally love winter so he can spend more time at the slopes and two, I’d be warm enough to walk through the snowy streets of Ottawa that he doesn’t have to drive me to work every day.
So, for the last few years, he’s given me beautiful selection of coats/jackets from Lole, Quartz Nature, Columbia, North Face and even Canada Goose and of yes, each of them were thoughtfully researched and handpicked. Each of them was striking in their own ways, had a list of impressive features and was considered top of the line but somehow, all of them didn’t feel just quite right.
So, they were returned regretfully.
This year, I thought he may have given up on the idea and would give me something else for Christmas like, hmnn… I don’t know, just to throw an idea, a diamond ring maybe.

Moles-Meloche Christmas Tree & Gifts, Circa 2012
I was wrong. In a very good way. This year, he gave me a weirdly looking drunken Santa who looked like he’s spent the night in an abandoned stupor rather than breaking and entering into houses, delivering gifts all over the world. Lo and behold, drunk Santa was a bearer of good news!
Its good news indeed my dear Sir as behind Santa’s jelly bean-filled belly was a hidden stash of cash!
Off we go to the mall and there it was, standing out, all by itself in a sea of black and brown dreary winter jackets – my pretty little (okay, it’s a bit gargantuan really) parka – my long coveted Canada Goose Trillium Parka in Berry! My doctor did say to have enough serving of fruits daily so picking this particular one up was a no-brainer.

Shoot Location: Beach House, Baies-des-brises, Quebec
It was the only one in that rich fuchsia berry colour and by golly, it’s gotta be my lucky day, it was also in Extra Small. Hallelujah. With a cinched waist, slightly slimmer cut, the silhouette is indeed flattering and the length is just right as it hits above the knee.
It has a storm flap, an added warmth protection, four front pockets to keep your hands warm and toasty and the coyote fur ruff is indeed a functional and lovely feature. It feels soft and luxurious, which Canada Goose also claims to provide natural protection against the cold and prevent frost bite.

BOUGHT: Done deal, no turning back. One of the best gifts from E.
For a very pricey parka, I don’t think anyone can expect anything less. If you are going to spend close to a thousand dollars, you should very well ensure that you’ve got form and function both checked off. The reason why all the other jackets in the past didn’t make the cut was that they really weren’t as warm as they promised to be. They were beautiful, yes. But I needed them to be warm first and foremost.

Stay tuned for the actual product review. For more Canada Goose photos, visit @20YS in Facebook.
So, does the Canada Goose Trillium Parka lives up to its name? I’m still not quite certain. For one, it hasn’t been that cold in Ottawa and trust me, we know cold here in Canada’s capital city. Two, I’ve only really had my Canada Goose parka for a few days so I can’t give you a credible statement just yet. 
Though I realized it’s TEI or Thermal Experience Index is only 4 or Enduring, which means, the Trillium could withstand up to -25 degree weather, I may have preferred a rating of 5 for Extreme weather condition of up to -30 degree Celsius.

After all, I do absolutely plan to keep it this time. Who knows, this may just be the ultimate winter parka that would make me say, slalom anyone? 

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