Marilou Moles: Featured as Canada’s Emerging Talent by FAJO Magazine

I may not be the best at keeping resolutions but year after year, I still do it without a fail. With that well-thought resolution comes the big hope that New Year will start with a Big Bang.

Well, I don’t think I could have had it any better this year. For my very first post in 2013, I am so excited (giddy, really) to share this pretty fabulous news with you: I was featured at FAJO Magazine as one of Canada’s Emerging Talents!

Head-to-toe ensemble, Fall/Winter 2012 – 2013: Courtesy of Banana Republic.

 A digital luxury fashion publication, with contributors located across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, FAJO Magazine is monthly magazine that provides in-depth journalistic coverage of the fashion industry around the world. 

Just imagine my absolute excitement when I received the call from Ms. Katherine Ellis, FAJO Magazine’s Deputy Editor.  I can’t say this is something that I have anticipated a couple years ago when we first launched Twenty York Street. We started with humble beginnings with the goal of showcasing personal style and fashion but mainly, to provide a media platform for emerging talents, whether in arts, music or fashion and what a beautiful twist of fate. In January’s issue of FAJO Magazine aptly named ‘The White Issue’, I was featured as one of Canada’s Emerging Talents.
Gold Gala Gown, Courtesy of CANTAS | Accessories, Courtesy of Danyka Collection

 A true honour that I’m very happy to share with you. Here’s an excerpt from FAJO Magazine’s feature article written by FAJO’s Deputy Editor Katherine Ellis:

“Marilou Moles loves to multitask. A yoga instructor, policy analyst, blogger and marketing specialist, this boundless ball of energy always greets everyone with a huge smile, working the room with charm at various fashion events in Ottawa, and sometimes wearing the designs of someone she has featured in her blog or a new emerging talent she has discovered.”


“Fashion to me is expressing your individual style. You don’t always get to speak your mind, but you can always express yourself with what you wear.”

Not only that I got to wear such gorgeous pieces – the main photo is the stunning Gold Gala Gown from CANTAS Fashion (big thank you to Ms. Semiha Cantas, Owner of CANTAS, located in Ottawa, Canada) and the preppy office outfit is provided by Banana Republic – Ottawa-based photographer James Park shot me at my top favourite location.
Which location, you ask?
Stay tuned for the ‘behind the scenes’ post for Twenty York Street’s fashion shoot 
with FAJO Magazine
Why, Twenty York Street, of course! I would really appreciate it if you can head over to FAJO Magazine and read the full article and leave a comment there.
There’s lots of interesting details and history to know about Twenty York Street and also a very exciting mention of the newly launched SKYFALL BLUE, my newest collaboration with Robert McCoy, President of Delta Decisions Inc. and of course, Mr. Fadi Ghaby, President of THANN and now, also CEO of SFB.
But let me not spoil the surprise for you, go over and visit FAJO.


But before you do, let me tell you this…  THANK YOU.

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