Welcome 2013: THANN, Resolutions And NYE Celebrations

Just because Christmas has come and gone with every present unwrapped and we’ve all eaten ourselves silly, it doesn’t mean the festivities are over. In fact, one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year is the one that ends it and welcomes in the new one – the New Year’s Eve party.



The beauty of NYE celebrations is that there’s plenty of options on how you can ring in 2013.

We not only take the time to smell the roses but we actually make it a non-negotiable priority to celebrate big (and small) moments in life because after all, when all is said and done, it’s not the number of years in your life that counts, it’s the life in your years, isn’t it?
In our very last (little long) post of the year, we bring you a little mix of everything – some tips, how-tos, gifts, reflections, new features, exciting news and most of all, gratitude. We would like to thank all our partners, especially Mr. Fadi Ghaby, CEO of SKYFALL BLUE and President of THANN, sponsors, advertisers and of course, our readers. We have also added a newest member to our team, Janelle Gagné, whom we will officially introduce in January and who has graciously helped write this year-end post. So, hang on tight as we have only just begun.
 If you happen to be fortunately invited to a NYE party, be the perfect guest worthy of another invite by bringing the perfect hostess gifts from THANN. Here’s @20YS how-to: Our number #1 rule to Christmas shopping – buy gifts that you would be happy to receive yourself, a rule that should be just as applicable to often-neglected hostess gifts. If you have ever thrown your own Christmas party, you know what its like to receive a sea of identical gifts that just truly lacks inspiration. Liven things up this Christmas season by choosing one of Thann’s three hostess gift sets to really show your hostess how much you appreciate her/his hard work.

Sea Foam Hand Wash with Green Tea Extract and Tea Tree Oil (250ml): This hand wash thoroughly cleanses and moisturizes hands thanks to all-natural properties such as aloe vera, tea tree oil, green tea extract, as well as rice bran and sunflower seed oils.
Sea Foam Hand Lotion: With organic shea butter, organic jojoba oil, and algae extract, this lotion nourishes hands leaving them soft and healthy.
Just as the name makes it out to be, this set is perfect for your own heavenly hostess. It includes THANN’s Sea Foam hand wash, Sea Foam Hand Lotion, and Pure Essential Oil.
Last but certainly not least, THANNoffers Pure of Nature, a set of three essential oils: their Sea Foam essential oil, Aromatic essential oil, and Oriental Essence essential oil. After all the busy party planning, give your hostess the much-deserved gift of relaxation.
Now if you happen to still be unsure of what you’re doing on New Year’s Eve, we have got some suggestions for you. In addition to Starfish Event’s Welcome to Miami-themed BIGGEST and BEST countdown to 2013 at the Westin Hotel, which has been a guaranteed hit (personally experienced and endorsed by Twenty York Street, of course), Ottawa is going to experience its first ever Times Square-like Experience at NYE.

Brought to you by the Sparks Street Mall and their official partners like CTV and Arc The Hotel, the #SparksStreetNYE promises to be a memorable evening of celebration with thousands in attendance at the historic Spark Street, the first ever North America’s original outdoor pedestrian mall. If there’s anything we support here at Twenty York Street, it’s those that always pushes the envelope and makes effort to make this city an even better one. Ottawa has not seen a NYE outdoor party like this before, you’ll never know, it may just surprise you.
On that note, we want to end the year by firstly, reflecting on the year gone by, there has been missteps along the way but these hard lessons build character, we live and learn. Secondly, we are pleased to announce the winner of our Christmas Smart Set $100 Give-away: Ray Andro and thank all of you for reading, commenting and entering give-aways here @20YS. We have got loads of prizes and goodies in 2013 and next year promises to be bigger and better so we truly hope you can come along for this very exciting ride.
Lastly, we wish you and yours the best new year yet. May 2013 be the year that will change your life as we are hoping that it’ll change ours. May this be the year that you finally reach for the stars and start living your dream, “NO” really isn’t an option. It may not be easy but it can be done. We hope to be more present next year, to be more in the moment as life indeed is too short, therefore, we shall not delay no more.
So on December 31, 2012 – let us break open that bubbly and scream as loudly and freely as we can: Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013. Let us celebrate being young and being alive, yes?
Shine. Shine bright.

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