Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts For Her

‘Tis the season of giving and if there’s anything Twenty York Street loves the most (aside from, evidently, her birthday), it’s Christmas.

Aside from all the bright lights from Christmas trees and the promise of festive times with friends and family, this also gives us the perfect excuse to show someone how much they mean to us. 

It’s not all about material things of course. The true spirit of Christmas after all is about the love, friendship, gratitude and hope amongst many others, yes?  

I completely agree.

Sometimes, just sometimes, you can actually bottle up hope and wrap up love in a golden box complete with a red velvet bow. So, here’s our Top 5 Gift Guide for HER this Christmas:

The Gift Of Bliss and Relaxation

Christmas time can be stressful times. Why not give the GIFT of BLISS and RELAXATION? 

Pure, with no artificial colours or harmful preservatives, THANN integrates the art of natural aromatherapy and the science of modern skincare. All of THANN products is thoughtfully designed to awaken all your senses, to calm your anxiety and ease your stress away. With six absolutely gorgeous collection: the exotic Oriental Essence, soothing Mediterranean Floral, refreshing Sea Foam, vibrant Aromatic Wood, revitalizing Shiso Collection, replenishing Rice Collections and their newest collection, the sweet and refreshing Jasmine Collection – there are many exquisite options to choose from.

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The Gift of Plush Luxury

Oh the first snowfall, the cool breeze in the air. Come December, the temperature drops and the fireplace comes alive. Christmas is also the perfect time to snuggle with your love ones as you enjoy some hot cocoa, catch up on the latest novels or re-watch your favourite childhood movies over and over again. 

What’s the one thing that can make all of that sound even better? 

Everything that is plush, soft and fluffy. Like the touch of cashmere, faux fur, plush angora and cozy wool.

The Gift of YOGA
Imagine soothing music playing in the background to create a contemplative environment designed to offer you a sanctuary, a temporary escape from the chaos of urban living. An environment that allows you to be in one with your physical body, your mind, your spirit. With everything moving in one, in unison.

This Christmas, why not give the ultimate GIFT of YOGA. More than just a series of fancy poses and special breathing, Yoga is a gift of space – allowing for thoughts to flow freely and for the body to be calm and at ease. Give the gift that aims to induce calm, tranquility and ultimately honours your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
The Gift of Momentary Escape
Even before the Holidays, life is busy, everyday is as hectic as the next. From nine-to-five office jobs to dropping kids at the daycare, from endless work meetings to hockey or ballet practice, a woman’s to-do list is endless. Why not give her a break from cleaning the house and having dinner ready and give her the Gift of Momentary Escape. 

Perhaps a visit to a day spa, a massage or body treatment, a moment to unwind and just let go. To be pampered and be treated like a queen sounds like the perfect Christmas gift, doesn’t it?  
Images via Le Nordik, Chelsea, Quebec, Canada
The Gift of Holiday Glam and Sparkle
When all of that calm and well-being is said and done, it’s time to get ready, put the glam on and get ready to sparkle the night away! Christmas is full of parties and events that provide the fantastic opportunity to dress up – in glittery sequins and all. 

The most fabulous thing about giving the Gift of Holiday Glam and Sparkle is that there are hundreds of possibilities to choose from – jewelled Little Black Dresses, silky frocks, bedazzled tops, shimmery skirts, gold and silver accessories – with prices that range from tens to hundreds. 

What kind of gifts will you give this Christmas?

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