Once upon a time, I met a young man who, unbeknownst to me at that time, would change my life as I know it. 

Brilliant, talented and no doubt skilled in many different professions, Eric Meloche was and is one very ingenious industrial designer/custom furniture maker.
Born with a wide range of expertise and an ever dynamic vision, Eric, actually was the one responsible for building the foundation for Twenty York Street.
Twenty York Street as in the home sweet home, not the blog.

He built me Twenty York Street.

So, for the first time ever in the history of this blog since it’s launch a couple years ago, I would like to officially WELCOME YOU to our home: Twenty York Street.

Inspired by his affinity towards modern furniture, architecture, interior design, accessories, and other resources for modern living, Eric’s designs and concepts are inspired by his travels and past experience in auto sports and the auto industry. His finished work, especially the modular furniture pieces, shows an impeccable quality of both materials and craftsmanship. His keen eye for details, use of mix materials and appreciation of the old and the new – very apparent.

With the exception of the guitar and the television, all that you can see in here is all custom-made furniture, specially designed and hand-made by Eric. A former race car driver / race engineer / journalist / industrial designer turned Engineer, Eric (or famously known as E) has designed our home with a distinct touch of modern and contemporary but also with a bit of an homage to me. 

Well, I’d like to think so.

Though subtle, you can see many Asian-inspired attributes at Twenty York Street, from the expansive living room, to the Japanese style Tatami dining room, from the versatile and fully flexible tetris-like coffee table to the elaborate Kabuki feel of the multi-layered massive headboard in the guest room.

Located right in the heart of the Byward Market, at the core of downtown Ottawa, the capital of Canada, Twenty York Street has been an epitome of form and function. Eric, head of York Street Design, created us an urban oasis that has been such a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of both our busy careers and extra curricular activities. It has been a prime location for gatherings of hundreds of friends and family but mostly, it has been a private sanctuary for me and him, a much anticipated intimate homecoming at the end of every day, especially during the gorgeous yet cold and snowy Canadian winters. 

Photos courtesy of: VILIAM GLAZDURI PHOTOS
It has hosted many a parties, witnessed many a celebrations, sparked many a wonderful ideas, launched many a great projects and most of all, it has been the birthplace of one of my proud personal achievements, this blog – Twenty York Street

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