THANN REVIEW: Shiso Body Butter

What beauty and skincare product gives you that luxurious feel of a rich cream deeply and quickly penetrating your skin giving you that nourished and restored elasticity? Helps heal inflammation and most of all, smells so heavenly that you will swear to God, you just can’t stop smelling your own skin?

Intrigued, much?

Paraben-Free Body and made with Cocoa butterLicorice and Nano Shiso  extracts, which nourishes and protects dry and sensitive skin from harmful pollutants. Yes, it is an antioxidant, a moisturizer and anti-histamine all in one.
When I said – there here has never been a time when I slather on the THANN Body Butter that I don’t stop and just thoroughly enjoy the moment – I wasn’t kidding. One year later, it still amazes me every single time I smooth some THANN Body Butter on my skin that it does not become such a pampering experience that is all about me. 

And don’t we all need a moment or two like that? No matter if it only take a few seconds – that one moment becomes all about you. 
I promise you, this top of the line body butter will take you away to the stunning yet peaceful land of the Orient and in those precious seconds, it is going to be about nothing but you, in complete bliss.

You can view and purchase the THANN Body Butter and the entire THANN collection at and if you are in the Ottawa – National Capital Region (Canada), you are in for a sweet treat!

THANN has partnered up with one of the city’s top Yoga studios – Adi Shesha Yoga and has launched a THANN Pop-up Store at the Westboro location. Go and visit Adi Shesha Yoga at 1338 1/2 Wellington West, try the ultimate relaxation and pampering that is THANN and Yoga.
“When I slather my body with the THANN Shiso Butter right after my warm shower – the subtle scent of cocoa with a hint of licorice and Shiso Nano extracts instantly uplifts me. If I had any doubts of how things are going to be, I swear to you, the Body Butter makes me feel impossibly invincible.

What skincare line makes you feel that?”

                                                              – Twenty York Street

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