Call it voyeuristic, call it vain or simply call it as living vicariously through someone else’s life, or in this case, shopping experience is, whether we admit it or not, something that we all enjoy doing once in awhile. Why else would vlogs (video blogs to you dear neophyte) of shopping hauls after shopping hauls get millions of hit in YouTube? 

Next Olympic sport it may not be but what it is – is fun, light and informative entertainment that could save you tons of time and effort! 
Key word – informative? Absolutely!

I don’t think I’ve ever tried a new restaurant these days without consulting foodie blogs and review websites. I don’t think I’ve lusted over the latest beautifully constructed yet wildly affordable classic trench coat from JACOB without checking my trusted fashion blogs. Nor have I ventured smothering my face with the newest exotic sea foam mask (I wonder if they have that at THANN?) without verifying its effectiveness from my dependable beauty blogs.

Arm party and what a statement ring by the always lovely Emily, Tinfoils Tiaras

The point is, blogs are not just guilty pleasures but they’re actually a great source of information. They’ll tell you What’s Out and What’s Hot, Where to Splurge and Where to Save and if saving all that time and money does not sound fantastic, then I don’t know what is.

Photo courtesy of: Ms. LJ Dizon, Fashion Correspondent, Twenty York Street

Oh wait, I do know!

How about becoming one top fabulous Vlogger yourself?


I’m very excited to tell you that for the first time ever in the city of Ottawa, you can have the chance to VLOG for the city’s go-to mall – Place d’Orleans! On top of earning the prestige of being the top shopping ambassador for the mall, you can win the big, fat, chance of earning $300 a month to spend to your heart’s desire at Place D’Orleans!

It could be anything and everything! For 6 months, you will have the rare opportunity to shop at Place D’Orleans (visit and LIKE Place D’Orleans Facebookpage to learn more) and tell everyone about it through your vlogs!
And if Friday’s Blogger event is any indication, I cannot tell you enough how marvelous this opportunity is going to be. I have been invited to many a fashion show and high profile red carpet events but this one (generously hosted by Place D’Orleans) is no doubt, one of the most well-done, most extraordinary event this city has ever seen.

Lavish cupcakes, marvelous beauty and hair bar, highly glamourized DIY craft table, whimsical dream closet, gorgeous personal shoppers (whom as you can see from the photos are really veritable eye candy), a dedicated photographer in tow and $150 dollars to spend on anything I fancy and the swag bags, oh the most dreamy swag bags! 
Life is beautiful, isn’t it?

From now until the end of September, head over to Place D’Orleans and make your vlog to enter! For a chance to win $50 Gift Card, leave a comment here at Twenty York Street with a link to your vlog and I may just help you spend all that money!
No promises guaranteed.

LJ (in JACOB) representing Twenty York Street with Ottawa’s ‘Creme de la creme’ bloggers.

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