Unlimited Options: Why More is Less

Outfit Details:

Bandeau dress – Costa Blanca
Statement necklace – Banana Republic
Gold cuff – Danyka Collection, Gift from Mr. Fadi Ghaby, THANN

Amber cocktail ring – Treasure, Gift from EM
I Basic sandals – ZARA
Hair – Courtesy of THANN Hair Mask

If you’ve uttered this phrase “I have nothing to wear” looking at your overstuffed closet, please put your Balenciaga purse down and put your hand up in the air (yes, maybe even bow your head down in shame). 

We’ve got massive amounts of stuff yet we can’t decide on what outfit to wear today, sounds familiar?

Turns out, wanting lots of options is actually a myth. Books like “The Art of Choosing and “The Paradox of Choice: Why Less is More” (By Sheena Iyengar) talk about the danger of hyperchoice, it creates fatigue on consumers and in some cases, unpleasant experiences that leads to no purchase in the end. Fascinating, yes?

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