THANN Review: The Amazing THANN SHISO Facial Serum

Though not a subject I am particularly fond of talking about, aging is a very natural process, all of us – rich or poor, regardless of where we are from and what language we speak – have to go through. There are so many wonderful things that come with maturity yet, there are also those rather unpleasant side effects like slowing metabolism and why worst nightmare – dull, lifeless and wrinkled skin.

Winner of the Marie Claire 2012 Beauty Awards: THANN Shiso Skincare

I have always been in an endless search of the perfect products for my pretty complicated skin (thank God it’s only on my face as for the rest of my body, absolutely no complaints): combination with a big side of oily and a touch of dry in the summer. Guilty and regretful of the amount of hours and dollars I spent on cosmetic counters trying to look for “The One” but always end up with bottles after bottle of unused skincare products.

Then one day…

Here comes THANN.
Just like the other miraculous THANN products I’ve been utterly amazed here before like the life-changing THANN Shiso Hair Mask and the superbly divine THANN Shiso Body Butter, the THANN Shiso Facial Serum is like a skincare super hero. With the tiniest drop (yes, even tinier than the one I had in the photo above), it has the power of shielding your skin against the harmful pollutants in the environment. Winner of the 2012 Marie Claire Beauty Awards, this quick-absorbing ultimate facial serum enhances the skin’s production of collagen therefore, promoting your skin’s elasticity, decreasing wrinkles and you guess it right, preventing premature aging!
Now, I can sleep much, much better.
THANN Facial Serum helps promote elasticity of skin, resulting in a decrease in wrinkles and enhanced skin radiance. Centella Asiatica extract stimulates the synthesis of collagen and rebuild skin’s network. Banana flower extract, rich in Mucilages, Phytosterols and Cycloterpene derivatives, stimulates the production of collagen and soothes the skin. Antioxidant rich Shiso extract moisturizes and helps protect the skin from premature aging caused by harmful environment.”

                                                            – THANN Canada’s Official Website

p.s. I strongly suggest you absolutely try the THANN Shiso Body Butter, Hair Mask and the Facial Serum.

p.p.s. It will change your life, expert guaranteed.

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