One of my most coveted, most beloved, most versatile fashion item when I was a struggling University student was the classic beige trench coat from JACOB.

Sure enough, as soon as I received my first ever pay cheque,  I literally ran to the store and bought it.

A well-loved Canadian fashion brand headquartered in Montreal, JACOB has been in business of making women look fabulous for over 35 years. I remember spending a lot of time browsing through the stores in Ottawa, especially during the launch of their new collection every season.

On top of constantly re-inventing themselves to keep up with the current trends, JACOB has managed to stay classic and passionate to their commitment of providing clothing, accessory and beauty products to women to celebrate their ‘joie de vivre’.  

I am pleased to announce that JACOB just launched their newest project: The Chic Suitcase Program. I am also very pleased to share with you my dear readers this very exciting contest with JACOB and I hope you can help me with it.


Please watch this super quick, super funky video and I will tell you how!
Now all you have to do is visit JACOB’s official website at www.jacob.ca and leave a comment of the item(s) you love along with the item’s url link! Easy? Absolutely. The hard part? There are so many gorgeous items to choose from.  

Just look at all these generous prizes JACOB is giving away. I would really love your help on this so please feel free to leave as many comments as you can, share it, re-blog it, tweet it and re-tweet it. Remember: sharing is caring.


We will reward the top 5 articles with the most comments and virility.
The final score will include : # comments + # likes + # tweets. Just look at what you and I can win: 
– First Place: $500 for you + $100 gift card for your readers
– Second Place: $400 for you + $100 gift card for your readers
– Third Place: $300 for you + $100 gift card for your readers
– Fourth Place: $200 for you + $100 gift card for your readers
– Fifth Place: $100 for you + $100 gift card for your readers
This contest ends on August 26th at 11:59PM EST.

Beautiful fashion + amazing prizes. I say it’s nothing but a win-win situation, c’est ca?

If I win, that means you win too!

Oh yes, that classic JACOB trench coat?

I wore it to death.

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