Fashion Tips: What A Colourful World

One of the things I admire most when I see an outfit put together is the brilliant use of colours. You might have heard my love for colours before yet my aversion to wear is another matter.
It’s pretty magical how editors can pile up reds, yellows, oranges on top of purples and blues on fashion magazines but it’s quite one thing to wear them out on the streets or let alone, wear them to the office.
When it comes to accessories and colours, I veer more towards Coco Chanel, what about you?

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory”

– Coco Chanel 

While this may be my normal mantra everyday, the whole point of today’s exercise is getting out of your fashion comfort zones.

Mine are dresses. And black.

You can imagine how many Little Black Dresses I own. Okay, let’s not actually count them as that’s for another post. 

All dresses featured: Banana Republic
Today, let’s explore colours and lots and lots of it!
While my usual pairings would have been these pastel coloured dresses plus nude heels, not today my friends.

Wait, here’s a little footnote: Though I’ve been dying to try what I’m preaching for here, I just can’t right away! Don’t blame my lack of courage though, not this time. ALDO has failed to deliver the package I so carefully chose, all three pretty little shoes did not arrive because apparently, I didn’t write the company name on the shipping address. I guess I should make up a company name even though the package was to to be delivered to my home. 

So, let’s get playful a little bit and add a whole sorbet of colours, shall we? From the mint greens, pretty purples sunshine yellow and bright oranges, I think this can add a whole other dimension to the colour spectrum on any of these featured outfits.
What about you? Do you prefer more classic black or do you adore fun colours?
All shoes featured: ALDO

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