50 Days of Summer

Top Picks for this summer:

Bustier dress – Banana Republic Trina Turk Collection
Black and gold cuff – Banana Republic
Gold drop earrings – Stella & Dot, Gift from Natalie
Yellow flower cocktail ring – BCBG, Gift from Ikram

Just like summer, certain things fascinate me to no end that I tend to wear them over and over again. Despite the many choices, I seem to reach out to these more often than I should. Sometimes, I think… is it really because I love them that much or I’m just to lazy or too uncreative at the moment that I don’t dare venture with anything new.

Either way, I really am loving these pieces. One, they are absolutely beautiful and versatile and two, they all hold sentimental values to me as each piece is a gift given to me.

What about you, what are you loving this season?

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