Forty Under 40 Awards: Spotlight on Fadi Ghaby

Trained as an Engineer, born a Leader and designed as an Entrepreneur, the man behind THANN Canada, one of the fastest growing companies in Ottawa, Canada has proven time and time again that perseverance and hard work always win the game.The road to success has never been an easy one. Faced with endless obstacles – Fadi Ghaby was able to stay true to the core values he stands for and was able to not only meet but also overcome so many challenges in his life. Twenty York Street LOVES Fadi Ghaby as he not only a very successful business leader but he has established himself as a very valuable member of the community, one who always gives back and has become to many, a true inspiration.

In honour of Mr. Fadi Ghaby’s Forty Under 40 Awards Gala by the Ottawa Business Journal and the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce tonight at the Hilton, it is pride and great pleasure that we go up close and personal with the man of the hour.



White shirt – Hugo Boss, Classic black suit – Hugo Boss
Photo location: War Museum, AMTI Showcase 2012
Photo Courtesy of: James Park Photography
On Business and Passion…

Why did you become an entrepreneur?
I never followed the rules in engineering or in my management jobs. I believed rules are made to be broken if you can justify it.
I decided to create my own company and my own rules. The excitement, the challenge, the creativity, the people, the learning, the pain, the gain, the failure and the SUCCESS is all part of being an entrepreneur… who wouldn’t want that? 
What are the hardest lessons you’ve learned in your career, any regrets?  
There is a lot to learn, and making a wrong turn, a wrong decision can make you fall hard. What defines you is how you get out of it.
Regrets? Definitely, but unfortunately as an entrepreneur you can’t blame anyone but yourself, so instead of keep looking back, I decided to learn from it and moving ahead knowing that I am much stronger than ever.

What are you most passionate about?
Success no doubt.

Waking up everyday and being determined to do better and get a step closer to our goal. And I am not talking just financial success but more creating a concept and taking it to another level.

Success drives me to work hard, workout hard and stay fit, and try to balance work and family, which I don’t think I do very well. 
Feature story: FAVE Magazine, shot at THANN Flagship Store
Published photo Courtesy of: Twenty York Street
On Forty Under 40…
What does this award mean for you?
To be nominated is already a great honour. To be included with an elite group of business leaders and to be recognized for our hard work, sacrifice, innovation and the determination for success as an entrepreneur is more valuable to me than I can describe.

Fadi in action: texting, e-mailing, tweeting 24/7
Any advice for young entrepreneurs, budding business leaders?
I LOVE young entrepreneurs, seeing their energy and creativity is incredible, but you can also see the inexperience in some.
Don’t focus on your failure or mistake, focus on being Brilliant and come out of it stronger. It’s Ok to admit that you don’t have all the answers, create a network of smart people that will help you in your journey, and if you find a mentor, then you are one of the lucky ones.
What’s next for Fadi Ghaby?
Everyone seems to know me as THANN Skincare, but I am a lot more than that. I love business and the excitement that comes with it. We are lucky that THANN is successful, we have created a proven strategy that works.
We are taking these same principles and helping businesses and individuals. And of course, we are always looking at bringing new and innovative concepts to Ottawa and hopefully, across Canada. 
On Style and Fashion…
What and who influences your style? 
Matthew McConaughey and Tom Cruise, love their style.

What’s your favourite outfit you’ve ever worn?
I think its two things: first, my Hugo Boss Suit with Tom Ford shirt and secondly, my Lululemon Hoodie.
What/Who inspires you in life (fashion or otherwise)?
I read many biographies of successful leaders, that was nice, but it doesn’t seem to inspire me. Knowing all the sacrifice my parents did for us to be successful, that inspires me everyday.
Celebrity Cook-off with Mambo’s Executive Chef Pablo Rubina
Photo Courtesy of: Twenty York Street
On Love and Life…

What 3 things do you wish someone had told you when you were younger?

I believe no matter what they would have told me, I wouldn’t have listened. I want to try it myself, lets say I was very stubborn. 
But Don’t eat Carbs would have been a good advice.


What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?  
Backpacking trip to Peru and Hiking the Matchu Pitchu Inca Trail.


Angkor Wat, Cambodia

What’s the best thing (or most memorable) a love one has done for you?
Believing in me when nobody else did and never quitting on me, even in the toughest of times.
    3 Things I can’t live without:
1. Workout
2. My Wife
3. Travelling 
Double Celebration: THANN 2011 Christmas Party and Surprise Birthday Party for Fadi
Photo Courtesy of: Adam Pap Photos
On the Lighter Side of Things… 

Fill in the blanks:

* Whenever I’m bored I usually work and take the time to think.

* I don’t want people to know that I loveYoga.

* Life is nothing but a series of moments enjoy each one because they won’t last.

* This year, I want to focus on me not only work.

* If I had superpowers, it would be Spiderman, I love “with great powers comes great responsibilities.”       I guess I believe I will have great powers  someday.

* I think LOVE is complete.

* I wished Twenty York Street asked me about what it took to WIN the top 40 under 40 award and about my biggest asset at THANN.

ML of Twenty York Street with Fadi Ghaby, AMTI Showcase 2012

Photo Courtesy of: James Park Photography

Last Words by Fadi Ghaby …
 I am speechless, awed and completely overwhelmed by this journey. But this is only the beginning.
Go big or Go home, yes?



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