Designer Spotlight: Amy Scarlett Donovan

In his words to the new batch of designers this year, one of Canada’s premier Fashion Designer Richard Robinson wrote: “… now that you have acquired high quality training, creating fashion is a combination of love and passion.”
Love and passion. Fresh from being named one of Canada’s Top Ten up and coming designers, it seems like Amy Scarlett Donovan has these two qualities and much, much more.
As one of the school’s promising designers, Amy Scarlett of Richard Robinson Academy of Design also recently graced one of Canada’s prestigious fashion shows – the Montreal Fashion Week.
It’s no ordinary feat either as Amy Scarlett had to in fact compete with other very talented and aspiring designers from all over Canada via the TÉLIO’s “Canada’s Breakthrough Designers”. This is an event which brings together 23 fashion design schools across Canada and challenges aspiring fashion designers to compete for 1 of 5 scholarships totaling $15,000.
It is definitely one event all fashion students dreamed of being part of as TÉLIO is one of North America’s leading import/export and distribution companies with textiles that are at the cutting edge of fashion.


As if walking the much publicized runway of Montreal Fashion Week isn’t enough, she was also named as one of the top finalists for Telio’s Canada’s Breakthrough Designers.


If such fashion authority has given Amy Scarlett an enviable nod, it’s no wonder her pieces at the Richard Robinson’s Grande Premiere 2012 were amongst the standouts this year. Her smart choice of fabric, texture, colours and details are thoughtful and coordinated bringing to light an evident coherence in her collection.
Braids and bows (and in this case, we’re talking big, commanding ones) may make presents more fun and lively but underneath the packaging is a sturdy construction and skilled craftsmanship. There is also a seamless transition to long and gowns and asymmetrical shift dresses, which tells me she has the ability to live in both worlds of haute couture and ready to wear. Isn’t that one of the most practical compliment one can give to a designer ultimately?
As stunning and captivating a designer piece may be as it walks down the runway, being out in the world, worn by women deserving of its stature is the ultimate realization of a designer’s dream, isn’t it?
Follow Amy Scarlett in Twitter via @amy_scarlett.
Pretty soon and I do hope really soon, it will come as no surprise when Amy Scarlett Donovan Designs – on top of ruling the runway – will roam the streets of this city.
Yes, complete with braids, bows and all.
What about you, dear readers, which Amy Scarlett Designs do you like best?

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