Coffee and a Thousand Kisses

Sometimes, when there are so many places to go to, so much to do, so much to say – it helps to just step back, even for a moment and try to see things from a bigger perspective. Oh, it’s not always easy I know, especially when you are right in the middle of something and that red due date sign is just staring you in the face.
But believe me, taking a short walk, a quick cup of coffee (or tea, if you prefer) or even just a deep breath (hopefully, more than just three!) can help you refocus and maybe even more efficient.
Personally, I’d pick a coffee and a thousand kisses, any day!

 I was watching the movie Leap Year last night. Why? One part of it is the fact that I no longer have cable television and the other part, which I rather not say out loud in public, I do like silly romantic comedies or rom-coms as they now call it. Yes, I’m quite aware that they may unconsciously shape people’s unreal perception of love and not everything ends happily ever after in real life but let’s face it, like trashy gossip magazines, they are just fun.

You don’t have to think.

Or do you?

Well, there was one particular question in the movie that I didn’t really pay that much attention to at that time but I guess that is no longer true since I am writing about it. I guess it struck me somehow.

Graphic print dress – H & M (Gift from E), Nude heels – Aldo
The question was, not that it was so revolutionary or something you’ve never heard before but it’s just, I’ve never really thought about it. So, in the unfortunate event that your house is on fire, you’ve got sixty seconds to get out (hey, I would give you more time but the movie said 60 seconds, no more), what would you take with you?
Accessories – Banana Republic, H & M
I immediately thought my purse – I mean, any woman worth her salt has a micro-representation of her life in her purse, yes? Then I thought, my latest love, my baby Mac Air. I need it for Twenty York Street, it has many of my new and archived photos plus, look at it, it so pretty and sexy! And then I thought, oh yeah, framed pictures of my family and friends. I’d be a horrible person if I don’t save those printed memories, non?
 Gold wristwatch – Michael Kors (Gift from Sis and Aunt)

This morning, I thought about it again and came to a realization that my answer was pretty un-thoughtful. Assuming of course that everyone gets out safely and in one piece, I really don’t know what to grab in this case. I’ve got a massive amount of clothes, boxes after boxes of shoes and an insane quantity of jewelries and accessories – which ones do I save?

I just think I’d feel an enormous amount of guilt once I’m out safe about why did I save this dress and not the other? Do I love these black patent leather shoes more than the gold strappy heels? I just don’t think this is fair for me to pass judgment right at this highly pressured moment, don’t you?

What about you, if you had sixty seconds to get out of your burning house, what would you save?

p.s. You do know, I’m kidding right?

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