The French Kiss

french kiss: noun/verb. [frenzh.kuhzz.]  definition: oh you know

When I say French Kiss, I bet you a number of things come to mind – the movie, Paris, a Frenchman, croissant (I don’t know how food got in there but somehow it just does), maybe even the Italian ‘Ultimo Baccio’ or the American version, The Last Kiss – and not the actual kiss, yes?

Who am I kidding? It is the month of February and all you love struck puppies are probably giddy in love right now so all you can think about is kissing and kissing some more! While I have to be honest and admit that this post really isn’t about that particular amorous type of kissing, I shall indulge you, if only for a moment. Valentines after all was just last week and I did get showered with the traditional bouquet of red roses, heart-shaped box of chocolates and a THREESOME (more on that next time, I have to be ingenious – got to keep you coming back here you see) sushi dinner at KINKI.

The lesson today my li’l darlings have something to do with what I get asked of a lot – what is the fashion industry really like? I am no Anna Wintour and this I say, in my humble opinion and of someone who does not have the same VIP pass like Bryan Boy, the industry as you have heard of it talked about it stereotype is exactly that – cut throat.

There are many who will go out of their way to bring you down, to try to ‘cramp your style’ as they say and at times, would be openly rude to you. There’s a certain sociological hierarchy that is unabashedly on display and it is unfortunate. That is not to say however, that there are no real sincere kindness and support as there are – fashion veterans who have seen them all and have managed rise because of talent and hard work. The fashion industry hosts this century’s greatest artists, genuine talents and true pioneers and innovators.

So, what’s a girl/boy got to do to survive?

I was told to develop a thick skin (my THANN skincare routine is not helping, it keeps my skin super moisturized).

I say proceed with love and maybe some kiss! (maybe not the french kind)
Faux-leather tube dress – H&M (Gift from Bestie Pearl, Dublin)
Gold and Swarovski cuff – Courtesy of Danyka Collection 
Photo courtesy of Photos by Adam Pap 

For more of Adam Pap’s work, check out his official website and FLCKR account.

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