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I have so much to share with you guys, I truly don’t even know where to begin. As I mentioned before in my 2011 Year wrap-up post, it has both been an incredibly rewarding and unbelievably challenging year. Professionally and personally, I think last year was the year that I grew up the fastest, learned things the hardest and most of all, faced everything – good or bad – the bravest!

Today is all about the good. One fashionably fateful evening at the Ottawa Fashion Week, I met (almost, at some point he was sitting across from me at the front row) an incredible young man who was humble yet spirited and he was in on a mission. I’d say he’s rather one of my precious blessings this year as he turned out to be a genuinely kind, adorably charming, sharp as an impeccable Armani suit and undoubtedly passionate for what he does. 
FAVE’s Superstar feature came as no surprise: THANN SKINCARE

Alcides Munoz, Creative Director of the rapidly growing online Magazine – FAVE Magazine, is one absolutely interesting person that I’ve had the pleasure to not only know but to also work with. I don’t quite how it happened but I’m pretty sure it was two things that brought us together: fate and fashion. Oh it might have been three things in fact. I would be amiss if I don’t mention that our very first date couldn’t get much better THANN this – an afternoon tea at the beautiful urban sanctuary, the THANN Flagship store here in Ottawa, Canada thanks to the company’s President, Mr. Fadi Ghaby.
I remember one of our very initial correspondence, he said to me, “I’ve been trying to meet you at the Ottawa Fashion Week but each time I tried to come over, a photographer was taking a picture of you.”  
That became the start of something beautiful. One thing lead to another and the next thing you know, after countless of e-mails where he is either laughing and I’m blushing or the more usual scenario – I’m laughing and he can’t stop blushing, he gave me an offer that I cannot refuse… 

Twenty York Street’s MUST-HAVE ITEMS feature in FAVE Magazine F/W 2011-2012 issue
He said to me…
Would you like to write for FAVE?
I’d be a complete idiot if I refused that offer, yes? So, may I present to you Twenty York Street gets published in FAVE Magazine’s Fall/Winter 2011/2012 issue: 

Mad about MOD: Choose jewel toes, pleated minis, python trim and many more
Fortunately for you, you sexy fashion lover, this is just the beginning! Watch out for next issue of FAVE Magazine, Twenty York Street gets bigger and better!

Fresh and friendly. 
fave is an online beauty report that focuses on reviewing beauty products and fashion.

CAPE Crushin’: 
Creative Editor Alcides Munoz:

I am also particularly proud to lend a hand in opening yet another door for the Capital’s impressive local talent, and rapidly emerging force in the global fashion and beauty industry.

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