2011: The Year That Was

“Risk-taking, trust, and serendipity are key ingredients of joy. Without risk, nothing new ever happens. Without trust, fear creeps in. Without serendipity, there are no surprises.”                                                                              – Rita Golden Gelman
About a year ago, I’ve decided to launch this blog, Twenty York Street / @20YS, for many remarkable reasons. Some of these reasons are quite noble as this blog was meant to be a medium through which, my love for pure talent and the arts (in this case, arts via fashion) can be shared with others. It was also designed to be a platform for young and emerging artists – fashion designers, dancers, singers, DJs, photographers, etc. – a place where their art can be showcased for the world to see.
Not everyone is blessed or lucky to be covered by mainstream media and it’s not that easy to be noticed by major paper but maybe, just maybe, getting featured here at Twenty York Street will give them that well-deserved 15 minutes of fame that will hopefully pave the way for a more long term success and recognition.
Twenty York Street’s actual business card. Cool, yes?
While I am very pleased to report that this particular goal for the blog has actually been accomplished, in fact, it has exceeded my original aspirations as Twenty York Street has expanded into a full-blown team and became one of the city’s go to blogs for everything hot and exciting! We’ve been asked to cover various events from Fashion Shows, Charity Gala, Beauty and Lifestyle events, theater, dance and countless other soirees! As a matter of fact, Twenty York Street, along with Mr. Fadi Ghaby, President of THANN Skincare and other major partners, hosted what became the city’s top notch highly publicized event: LIFE OF STYLE!

There is one other reason I launched Twenty York Street. A reason much more intimate and personal to me. Hitting a major milestone in my life last year, I was afraid at the moment, that life will pass me by and whether it was moments of victory or times of failure, I was scared that soon, I would forget. And I wouldn’t want that. Stripping away all the glitz and glamour, life is nothing but a collection of moments… Those very precious seconds you get while standing on top of the highest mountain you climbed, that taste of success and accomplishment as you cross that finish line, the bittersweet last embrace you get from a loved one before they pass away, that instant sparkle in her eyes when you gave her the perfect gift, the tears of sadness you try to wipe away to ease his pain and sorrow, that feeling of despair and disillusion when you have to let someone go and that magical moment frozen in time when you stood outside just before the break of dawn, in his arms, with the softest of his kisses, with the most beautiful, whitest of snow falling down from the sky and you know right in that instant that this is love, simple and pure – these are but the fleeting moments we live for.

2011 was the year that was. It was an incredible breakthrough year for 20YS. Barely short of its one-year Anniversary, it managed to achieve many things I can only dream of before. This was the year Twenty York Street (alright, and me for that matter) received the most recognition not just by fellow blogs and online mentions but also by mainstream traditional media. We have been featured, interviewed, showcased on Television, radio, beauty and fashion magazines and of course, in a major newspaper. Big accomplishment, HUGE. Perhaps next time, I will tell you all about it.
Crepe skirt – MIIKALI | White Button-down – Banana Republic | Black patent pumps – Guess
Throughout it all and it all may sound rosy and fantastic, it is not. I have met the most intelligent, most talented, driven, passionate and highly accomplished people in this city and did they ever pushed me, took me way out of my comfort zone and threw me in the big league. There was no time to pause and think, there was only one option – do. And do I did. To this day and for the rest of my life, I will always be grateful, I will always look back and be thankful.
But 2011 was the year that was. It was the year where I have checked off many goals on my list, yes. But it is also the year where I have failed, a lot. It is the year that I have taken the most risks, some of it paid off handsomely and the others, unfortunately, ended up costing me dearly. It costs me opportunities, moments with loved ones that I can never take back. 2011 was an inconceivable learning process – lessons that were hard to learn as it means knowing who to hold on to and when to let go of the others, the partnerships, acquaintances and most importantly, life-long friendships that were never meant to last.
It was perhaps the year that I cried the most, that the pain in my heart was so deep I couldn’t breathe. It was the year that I smiled and laughed the loudest. I was alive, I was present and no matter what the emotion was, I did not run away from it. It wasn’t easy but I did it.
I lived, I laughed, I loved and I failed.
It’s all about the balance of life, isn’t it? You may not see it now but trust me, sooner or later you will. 2011 was the year that was, it put me down and it lifted me up.
Perhaps next time, when you have the time, I will tell you all about it.

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