That Marvelous Thing Called Motivation


Special guest post by Laura L. Benn
Pursuing a creative path in life, be it in the name of fashion, writing, music, performance or art, is never easy. We’re told as we grow up that it will be difficult, impossible even. Often it is gently suggested that perhaps we should consider a more conservative career, that passion should take a back seat to practicality and that dreams can only come true in the mind of an optimistic child who doesn’t have bills to pay.


Yet we stubbornly refuse to give up on the idea of possibility and continue to juggle ways of keeping our creativity very much alive. Anyone trying to ‘make it’ in a creative field knows first hand that it is like nothing we could have ever imagined and that yes, indeed, there is inevitable heartache, frustration and self-doubt along the way. Hard as we try to keep the faith strong and the motivation alive at all times, alas, there are those days when the clouds are just a little grey…
So here are a few suggestions for maintaining that marvelous thing called motivation:
1)    Create something every day. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, merely something shaped by you. Take a photo, scribble in a notebook or play a tune – it doesn’t have to be directly related to your genre of interest either, it just needs to be something that allows you to express and thus connect with your inner self.
2)    Surround yourself with great people, both past and present. This one doesn’t need explaining but it is often the one thing that we tend to neglect. Invest as much time into your friendships and relationships as you do into your pursuit of a creative career, because at the end of the day, it is the people around you who makes life the wonderful adventure that it is. Also, people are intriguing characters in and of themselves and often times the unwitting providers of incredible inspiration. So read the biographies of others, drink in their stories, have ridiculous crazy fun with loved ones and celebrate togetherness.


3)    Give back. It’s important to maintain perspective, especially if you find yourself drowning in rejection letters or unsuccessful auditions. Giving back is a meaningful way to get out of our own heads for a time and realize that there are more important things happening around us then what occurs in our tiny lives.  You discover new things about yourself when helping another person/cause and volunteering is a powerful way to realize that you do indeed have the power to evoke change. 
These aren’t absolute rules that must be followed when forging a creative career but they certainly have proven helpful at times. There is no secret recipe for success of any nature, no guarantee that we’ll ‘make it,’ and everybody will have their own ideas for rekindling passion and motivation as they make their way in the world. All we can really do is try, persevere and believe that with enough passion and dedication, dreams really can come true. 
What are your dreams?
How do you stay motivated?
Editor’s Note: Twenty York Street is very honoured to have the brilliant Laura L. Benn, published Editor/Writer of Acquired Taste and Founder of PAWSH Magazine.

What is Acquired Taste?

[ACQUIRED TASTE – n. An appreciation for something that is unlikely to be enjoyed by a person who has not had substantial exposure to it.]
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