A Whole New Year of THANN

Sometime not too long ago, I met something/somebody that has changed my entire year, if not my entire life, forever. It was perhaps one of those serendipitous moments that you never see coming… it’s something so magical, so breath taking… I never thought something like this would ever happen to me.
But that one moment changed me.
And I’m about to share that beautiful thing with you too.
When I first walked in to the THANN Flagship Store in the Glebe (in Ottawa, Canada) last summer, I came thinking I’d come to learn more about this highly talked about skincare line from Thailand, perhaps, even write about it if the line was compelling enough.

It wasn’t compelling. It was life-changing. The very second I put it on my skin, my life was complete!
Made with only the finest ingredients nature can ever make, the THANN Shiso Body Butter boasts of one key ingredient that has been lauded as one of the most innovative miracle worker in the skincare industry. Yes, it is Paraben-Free Body and made with Cocoa butter, Licorice and Nano Shiso  extracts, which nourishes and protects dry and sensitive skin from harmful pollutants. Yes, it is an antioxidant, a moisturizer and anti-histamine all in one.
But much more than that, the THANN Shiso Body Butter is also an experience in and of itself. There has never been a time when I slather on the THANN Body Butter that I don’t stop and just thoroughly enjoy the moment. Smoothing it on my body becomes such a pampering experience that is all about me – no matter if it only take a few seconds – this top of the line body butter just takes me away to the stunning yet peaceful land of the Orient and in those precious seconds, it is all about me.
That luxurious feel of the rich cream deeply and quickly penetrates the skin. It nourishes and restores elasticity, it helps heal inflammation and most of all, it smells so heavenly that I swear to God, I just can’t stop smelling my skin.
You know what else I can’t stop doing?
I can’t stop asking other people to touch and smell my skin too! Ask anyone who’s been around me lately, they have been asked to the mandatory touching and smelling 20YS! And I just can’t stop talking – no RAVING – about it!

Believe me, I have not been the only one. THANN has had an incredible 2011 – it has been all over media and social media, especially this year as it has thousands of followers in Facebook, has trended in Twitter and has been featured in Television,  Radio, Newspapers, Top Beauty and Fashion Magazines here in Canada and all over the world! It has recently been featured in FAVE Magazine (see the FAVE Feature story and interview below), where 3 THANN top products were chosen as ‘FAVE’ picks!

THANN Feature in the Fall/Winter of FAVE MAGAZINE.
FAVE Magazine interview with Mr. Fadi Ghaby, Owner/President of THANN North America.

So, in the very giving spirit of Christmas, Mr. Fadi Ghaby of THANN Skincare (Stay tuned for Twenty York Street’s up close and personal interview with Mr. Fadi Ghaby soon!) has partnered with Twenty York Street and has generously agreed to gift one lucky 20YS Follower a…

Are you ready for this?
A one-year supply of THANN Shiso Body Butter!

Yeah, you heard me:

Approximately $600 retail value.
How to win?
For a very Merry Christmas, check off the following and you’ll be entered for this once in a lifetime chance to win a One-year supply of THANN Shiso Body Butter:
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Leave a comment below for 1 entry. 5 more entries for posting the THANN + Twenty York Street button on your site and 10 more entries for blogging about it! Trust me, Christmas gift for you or your loved one just can’t get any better THANN this!
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Give-away open to residents of Canada and the United States.
Ends Boxing Day: December 26, 2011.

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