This time last year, I wanted to go and visit one of the biggest trade shows in Canada for the first time. Armed with  a media pass and definitely excited to go, I was ready to browse, try, check and buy anything and everything that catches my fancy. Alas, it was not meant to be as for some significant reasons, I was not actually able to go.
This time this year, I wouldn’t miss the Signature’s Show – Ottawa Edition – for the world.
When you’ve got an incredibly young and talented designer, a wunderkind in the fashion world with barely two decades of his entire existence (in this world, that is) who took Ottawa Fashion Week by storm and swept the audience off their feet – you’d be mad to not cancel any plans on any given Tuesday to be there.
If you like ingenious designs, master craftsmanship, impossible cuts, bold fabrics and even more daring presentation, you are not going to like but you are going to fall in love with Adrian Wu. He was perhaps one of the very few designers that made my heart beat faster, break out in cold sweat and jump up to my feet at Ottawa Fashion Week – twice.

During Adrian’s (yeah, you heard me!) previous 2011 Fall/Winter collection show at the Ottawa Fashion Week, he literally broke down the barriers that separated the runway from the scenes that the show organizers ceremoniously took down every single plank of plywood that made up the stage and exposed the mystery behind the parade of fashion and beauty.
Adrian Wu Resort Collection 2011
Photo courtesy of J, YGS.
I’m not going to go all “droppin’ names” on you and claim I more than know Adrian Wu that we’re in fact on first name basis or that we do exchange text messages together but I think I do get to reserve the right to brag that I was privileged enough to have been able to wear not one but two of Adrian’s meticulously designed Haute Couture pieces, don’t I?
In fact, one of AW’s extremely gorgeous creation (one I was extremely excited to wear) was a beautiful ball gown he was wearing the night before at The Lobby. I told him, I would love to wear this to front row of Ottawa Fashion Week. The next day, I got a call from Adrian – come meet me backstage, you are wearing me! Can we all agree on one thing – that is pretty cool now, isn’t it?

The 2011 Holiday Collection, on stage this Tuesday at 6:30pm on November 15 at the Ottawa Convention Centre, is highly anticipated to take your breathe away – again. As much as this Fashion boy wonder is unique and controversial, his critically acclaimed works speak just as loud for themselves.
While I cannot guarantee you a chance to wear one Adrian Wu’s highly controversial pieces, I can guarantee one of you a very lucky opportunity to see his very inspiring collection – to be showcased by stunning models from Angie’s Models and Talents International (AMTI) up close and personal.
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