Last Night

Though I immensely enjoy movies and I could, if not laden with lots of guilt, watch them for hours and hours sitting on our couch, wrapped under a blanket and maybe a handful of fashion magazines in hand for, you know, research purposes – I don’t think I’ve ever written a movie review here, ever.

Last night, well now actually, I’m watching exactly that – “Last Night.”
I’m not about to write a movie review really, unless you absolutely beg me for one…
The movie was released in 2010 but funny enough I didn’t notice I had it until tonight. On a Halloween night no less and was just writing the post on wishes, gratitude and love – 11.1.11.
Set in New York City, the movie is a story about a young couple’s slice life which deals with the age-old question of long lasting love and infidelity. It started with both the characters of Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington (the couple) going to a party and the wife notices the significant attraction between her husband and the work colleague, the obviously beautiful and sexy Eva Mendes. When asked if he was attracted to her or if that something ever happened between them during business trips, he says no.

And truthfully so.

At least for the last part of the question.

At least at that moment.

Black leather skirt – TopShop (Gift from Pearl), Lace top – Banana Republic
Leather wallet – Banana Republic, Gold Pumps – Aldo

But life as you know it is more complicated than that. Nor as the movie in fact. On the other side of the coin is that the wife sees a former lover, the one whom she’s been passionately in love with, longed for and perhaps would like to be with if he wasn’t married to her husband. Yes they spent the night, reminisced, and at some point considered getting back together. But didn’t.

No one left anyone. But something happened somewhere somehow and some point.

Which begs the question…

Can a 7-year long marriage withstand the test of time, routine predictability and temptation? Can a man (with merely the strength of his will power) his marriage and his professed love for his wife walk away from a woman who has designed most of the circumstances of the night with only one goal of sleeping with him? Does it really just take a mere act of seduction for a man to give in that easily? Or a woman for that matter, I suppose.

In the end, the husband did end up sleeping with the co-worker, which begs another question… is it really that inevitable for a man and a woman, married or not, to eventually sleep with each other when left alone long enough together? I don’t have the answers to these questions. All I know is that, “sometimes in love it lasts and sometimes, it hurts instead.”

In the midst of love and infidelity – can love really conquer all and last forever?

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