Impossibly Silky Soft Hair

If there’s one thing that I can truly say I am thankful for is the genetic trait that my hair has been bestowed with. I’m not claiming it is the most wonderful thing in the world but if saving money, time and effort count for something around here – I think my hair is indeed my crowning glory!

It is perhaps that most low maintenance in my beauty regimen, which I must admit, really isn’t much but if it means I can skip blow outs, hair straightening, gels, sprays mousses and everything in between – I am happy with it. I don’t event comb it, it looks good.

Hair: circa July 2010.

Or so I thought.

Until I met THE ONE.
The ONE is the critically-acclaimed THANN Shiso Hair Mask. Yes, it’s been featured at Canada’s top fashion and beauty magazine – FLARE MAGAZINE. Yes, it has flooded Twitter conversations with non-stop accolades from beauty experts and bloggers. Yes, it’s been SOLD OUT in-store and online for the longest time.

And yes, THANN Shiso Hair Mask is also the one that ended my blissful ignorance of what I thought was beautifully smooth hair. I was wrong.
With Ceramide Protein and natural plant extracts, this Hair Mask wunderkind is one efficient and highly effective hair repair conditioner you can ever find in the market today. Unlike other regular hair masks, which are thick and rich and needed to be applied thoroughly through your hair and scalp, you can actually use the THANN Shiso Hair Mask everyday like normal conditioner.

The secret lies in the Shiso plant, found in Thailand, Japan and other part of South East Asia, it has been found to help other plants and trees grow around them by restoring and maintaining nutrients in the earth. These revitalizing and adapting powers are now available in both THANN skin care and hair care. This super potent plant, along with many other all-natural ingredients, provides tremendous amount of benefits – sunscreen, anti-oxidant, moisturizer, damage repair, instant shine and rejuvenation! 

Only 5-10 minutes for a deep penetrating and luxuriously revitalizing hair treatment? Unheard of! For anyone with a hectic touch and go lifestyle like we all seem to have these days, this hair mask is a godsend! For someone who thought her hair couldn’t be smoother and shinier (I know, the humility!), THANN Hair Mask showed me the light! 

Did I mention the divine subtle scent of flowers and natural plant extracts?

THANN Shiso Hair Mask, enriched with Shiso, Wheat Protein and Jojobal Oil,  promises impossibly smooth and healthy hair cuticles and soft, revitalized, bouncy, shiny hair.

You be the judge!

p.s. Good news mes amis! You are in LUCK! In honour of our American friends celebrating Thanksgiving, THANN Skincare is having a huge BLACK FRIDAY SALE!!! But you don’t have to be an American, Canadian, Asian to take advantage of this HUGE SALE!

30-40% OFF selected THANN products, let’s hope for hair’ssake that the Shiso Hair Mask is one of the sale items! Hurry and visit THANN in-store at 829 Bank Street, Ottawa or online! Offer valid until Sunday, November 27th, 2011.

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