Love Fashion. Ever since.
Twenty York Street was born largely because of that reason. As a matter of fact, it seems that the question I get the most these days is that have you always been into fashion?

But there’s also something else that I’m very much into. I know I haven’t talked about it so much here. Perhaps because I have been in an unending quest for finding the one that feels just right. It’s not always easy to find the perfect fit and when you do, you just know you’ve found the one.
What is it about you ask?
Curious now, aren’t you?
I have never been good at make-up and cosmetics. I love the way some women can be so creative with eye make-up, blushes and bronzers, lipstick and false eyelashes – not me. Truth be told, I grew up with make-up artists and hairstylists. I was a dancer and a performer all throughout my life (well, not lately) so I did have a considerable amount of experience with make-up, I just never had to do it myself so I never learned.
Not a good excuse. I know.
Cool and Refreshing: Sea Foam Shampoo with olive & rosemary oil, plant essential oils & thyme.
One thing I do know precisely though is that… Clear beautiful skin is very important. One can’t dispute the powers of skilled make-up artists and the magic of Photoshop but a glowing, blemish-free skin makes for a clean blank canvass, yes?
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to the make-up and skincare counter (from the drugstore kind and all the way to the high end department stores) to try and buy different combinations of lotions and potions, from anti-oxidants to anti-aging and to everything in between. Now, all my bathroom cupboards, my vanity stand and my gift drawers are just packed, no, crammed with barely used beauty and skincare products. And I know I’m not the only one, yes?
Imagine how much money and time we’ve all wasted…  
My Absolute Loves: Aromatic Wood Collection Shampoo and Conditioner.
But thank the Skincare Gods that all changed a few months ago!
I met someone, or shall I say something… and I fell in love.
With Thann.

An Asian-inspired skincare and body line, it is 100% paraben-free and made with absolutely no artificial ingredients. Made in Thailand, it uses only the finest all-natural ingredients, it is dermatologically tested and it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The entire product line is so amazing beyond words that it really is hard to capture everything in writing, no matter how exquisite a prose I write about it.

Thann Skincare Testimonial Video
By: Cloud in the Sky Studios
You see, Thann is beyond skincare. It is a holistic approach to taking care of your skin, your body, mind and spirit. When I get into the shower and start with the Sea Salt Body Scrub to exfoliate, the Aromatic Wood Shampoo and Conditioner to wash and moisturize my hair, I know my day is going to be just right.
When I slather my body with the THANN Shiso Butter right after my warm shower – the subtle scent of cocoa with a hint of licorice and Shiso Nano extracts instantly uplifts me. If I had any doubts of how things are going to be, I swear to you, the Body Butter makes me feel impossibly invincible.
What skincare line makes you feel that?  

What makes THANN stands out from the pack is that not only that it is formulated from botanicals and essential oils by combining the art of natural therapy with modern science, they also provide the most unique experience when you walk into their concept stores.
Joy and Uplifting: THANN Body Milk. Much more luxurious than bath cream or shower gel.

It transport you to a place and time where everything is exotic, luxurious and just oh so beautiful. Everytime I go into the THANN Flagship store at 829 Bank Street in the Glebe, the zen-like space immediately calms me down yet it awakens all my senses. It smells divine, it aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and everything in the store feels gorgeously beautiful on your skin and body.

For exciting news and updates, http://twitter.com/#!/thannskincare!
I’d be amiss if I don’t mention the fact that the client service that THANN provides is incredibly fast, reliable with the quality and care that would make you feel ultimately pampered.
Here in Canada (and North America), you can call up the company and have the pleasure of speaking to the THANN President/Owner himself – Ottawa’s own High-tech Exec to Skincare Magnate Wunderkind – Mr. Fadi Ghaby, who himself is the epitome of a well-balanced holistic lifestyle.

Don’t Like, LOVE THANN in Facebook. I promise you, you will..
My ultimate must-have for sweet kisses! THANN Lip Balm.

It actually impresses and delights customers to no end that the President himself can and will deliver the THANN products you just ordered straight to your front door!

What other companies provide that kind of top-notch first-class service?

Know more about THANN at www.thann.ca.
While THANN’s Headquarters is located in Thailand, this world-renowned brand is actually available in 22 countries and in North America, the Flagship store is located right here in Ottawa, Canada.

It is noteworthy that I point out that THANN does not only makes you feel centered and beautiful, it also promotes environmental awareness, supports human rights, and is against the use of child labour and animal testing.
It is even more noteworthy to mention that it is starting to look like Christmas at THANN! Can you tell I’m excited? Oh you should be too!
I say, let’s all stop reading and just head over to THANN either on-line or in-store, right now!

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