One of the world’s most exclusive fragrance: The Limited Edition Bois 1920.

When you get a phone call from one of the country’s greatest (and lasting) fashion legend, when you get an exclusive invitation to cover his most coveted fashion show – giving you a glimpse into his world of luxury and glamour, you drop every single appointment you have that day and you plan the perfect outfit and entourage to go so that you fit right in!

Canadian Fashion and Parfum Consultant: Sid Cratzbarg
Hosted by the Rotary Club of South Nepean, Fall Into Fashion is an annual fundraiser that benefits Friends of Hospice Ottawa, it promised to be an afternoon of fashion, style and fragrance and amazingly accomplished women. And so it was.
All because of one man.
The Rotary Club of South Nepean with the famous Sid Cratzbarg and TV Host Kathy Donovan.
From television to national newspapers, fashion magazines, runway shows and everything in between, Fashion Legend Sid Cratzbarg of Accessories by Sid has been featured everywhere and have been a permanent style icon in the National Capital. With his signature large black-rimmed spectacle, always impeccable suit and bigger than life character, Sid is a permanent fixture in the Ottawa Fashion scene and not just because of his contribution to the fashion industry itself.
Kathy Donovan of Regional Contact looks up to the gracious host of Fall Into Fashion.
Sid, both on TV and in real life, has that kind of charisma that can put everybody at ease and he also has the kindest of hearts. Case in point, proceeds of the sale from Fall Into Fashion goes into the Rotary Club of South Nepean.
With silent auction, raffle tickets and lots of fabulous door prizes, the most anticipated highlight of the afternoon was the parade of stunning models that were expertly styled with the latest in Fall Fashion: shawls with intricate beading, soft sweaters with fringes, perfectly fitted wool jackets, Italian silk scarves, reversible quilt and printed jackets, slimming trousers, Mongolian lamb fur collars and oh the purses and jewelleries!
Photos courtesy of Ottawa’s Photographer to the Stars:
Can glamour, style and luxury really be affordable?
Yes. Accessories by Sid undoubtedly showed us so.
The very rare lucky moment that ML actually wins something and a box of Smashbox no less!

If it hasn’t been that evident yet, there is something significantly different in this fashion show from every single ones that I have been to. No, there isn’t any extravagant fire eaters, feather headdresses,  or loud thumping music or mini skirts, low cut dresses and outrageously low cleavage. Fall Into Fashion was all class, style and glamour.

Stay tuned for an up close and personal interview with this fashion legend, coming up soon.
One of the things that was very important to Sid when he called me about his fashion show was the fact that it showcase real life beautiful models. Not the pre-pubescent waif teenage girls you  see walking the runway wearing clothes that are barely passable in the privacy of your own bedroom, let alone walking the streets of this city! Accessories by Sid featured styles and expert cuts that honours and accentuates women’s bodies instead of conforming them into impossible sizes, trends and styles of the day.  Fall Into Fashion actually celebrated women’s natural beauty, grace and confidence.

France may have may have Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel.

But Canada has its own.

With his oversized everything: large edgy glasses, limited edition statement watches and absolutely shining larger than life personality – His name is Sid Cratzbarg.

He is Accessories by Sid.

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