OFW D1: Thursday Glows with Jewels and Style

Rising star Herieth Paul of Angie’s Models & Talents International glitters on the runway. 
Ever since I was child, I always knew I love all things gold and shiny! So, you can imagine my utmost delight when I knew Micalla was up on the first day of Ottawa Fashion Week! If statement is what you want to make with your jewelleries, Micalla provides you with a multitude of exclamation marks as the entire collection is just that exactly – jaw dropping!
Last week the city has been all up in frenzy as they prepare for almost a week long celebration of talents, style and fashion!
And was the frenzy all worth the closet over-hauls, the last minute shopping all over the city and the constant trips to the beauty salon?
I dare say – Absolutely!
Rich royal blue provides a perfect setting for Micalla’s extraordinary pieces.
Intricate, thoughtful and out of this world – Micalla is simply captivating!
As hundreds of sky-high stilettos clucked their way into the magnificent Ottawa Convention Centre, which boasts the best view of Ottawa’s spectacular skyline inside an ultra-modern piece of architecture, 21 designers from Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and abroad mesmerized Fashionistas from all walks of life. The Ottawa Fashion Week has proven, amongst other things, that style, in its very fundamental state, is individual.
Was all the shows worthy of a standing ovation? Perhaps not. But there was one thing that was evident.. there were lots of expressions of individual creativity and style and that alone is worthy of a celebration. Day 1 of OFW brought on stage Canadian designers Birds of North America, Valerie Dumaine, Micalla, Anomal, Rud by Rudsak – notably all from Montreal and Ottawa’s own, the beautiful Amber Watkins.
Dressed in Lipsy from the UK, Accessories by BCBG, Banana Republic and Dad’s necklace, leather pumps by Guess. Also seen in photo, Ottawa Designer Amber Watkins. 
If Anomal’s mission statement in this world is indeed to inspire by creation, then they can add one more feather on their pretty hats as the collection have indeed captured the imagination of the entire audience as it presente pieces that screamed audacious, luxurious and most of all, bold.
On the front row is the darling Bruno Racine,
OFW’s Creative Director and owner of Le Spa and The Loft.
Aptly named, “Et tombent les fleurs“, the rich earth colours compliments the brilliant choices of fabrics and subtle details that was apparent in each of Anomal’s creation. All carefully handcrafted by the designer, each piece was raw and daring – all intended to sensually enhance a woman’s curve by ensuring the cut accentuates the body’s silhouette. 
Helena (AMTI) – commandingly regal in Anomal.
Noelly of the burgeoning Miss Sly Blog-zine, Judy Torborg of Love Xpress Mag and Ottawa’s Fashion Royal Family – Angie and Lou of AMTI with the ever chic Grace.

The stunning Annaise of MIM Models International.
 If edgy, colourful and flamboyant is what you want – you can be sure UK-based Swedish Simon Ekrelius definitely delivered. His was a mix of pieces so fluid the colours, patterns and solid just flows together as they skim the body. All of Simon’s Spring and Summer Collection 2012 drapes beautifully that you just want to wish summer is right around the corner.   
Fluid and vibrant, Simon Ekrelius lit up the runway at OFW.
Fashion model and blogger – Erica Wark.
Maybe it’s not Haute Couture, it’s not groundbreaking nor shocking. But RUD Styled by RUDSAK brought to the runway the stylish sensibility that Canadian men and women has. In this frozen tundra that is Ottawa, where the city is enveloped in a serene blanket of snow, there is that harsh reality that cold but cramps someone style.
Certainly not with RUD pieces.
With exposed zippers, piped belts and interesting buttons, there perfectly fitted trench coats and jackets provide for the ultimate chic yet warm outerwear that would take you from the cold streets of Canada all the way to your indoor destination of choice. Were there RUDSAK pieces that I fell in love with?
Let’s say about five!
What can I say, I’m a finicky lover!
Scenes from the OFW Sidelines:
Shot by his Hotness – Pino of www.YOUGOTSQUARED.com.
Thanks to THANN Skincare, the highly in-demand Hair Mask
more than makes up for my no sense of hairstyle. Just wash and go!
The infamous “J” & his biceps of YOUGOTSQUARED / 20YS.
Bringing the poise and fierce on the front row..with Lee of Moose Photograph/Twenty York Street.

I wish we were able to capture all the beautiful people who came and attended DAY 1 of this year’s fashion highlight! With a very effective team of OFW Organizers together with over hundreds of volunteers that came together to make all this happen for Ottawa, we are very thankful for being part of this momentous occasion.

Day 2 and 3 are a different story my Fashion Lovers! This time TWENTY YORK STREET came prepared, we got not one, not two, not three but a whole lot of photographers capturing the vivid images that is OTTAWA FASHION WEEK.

Stay tuned for more!


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