I Thank You, You and You!

“Most Fashionable Female Award” – Rip the Fab Lane

Life, I gotta say, have taken on such an interesting twist recently. It has always been fast-paced in the last few years but lately, it has taken a pace as fast as a speeding Formula 1 car. It’s been a ridiculously exciting roller coaster ride that I have to say 2011 is definitely a year to reckon with.
Have you ever heard or know of the concept called the “Tipping Point?” An entire book by Malcolm Gladwell was written about this topic in 2000. It’s not an entirely novel concept anymore but it’s one that is remains prevalent in our everyday lives, whether we are aware of it nor not.
Essentially, it dissects the process and mechanism by which some trends/products/celebrities/etc. achieve an exponential amount of popularity while others barely get a second of screen time and simply fade into oblivion. The common notion that this secret is long thought to be mysterious and resistant to analysis was dispelled by Gladwell who said there are actually patterns and three key factors that determine whether a particular trend will “tip” into massive popularity. The concepts of the Law of the Few, the Stickiness Factor, and the Power of Context are the three rules of epidemics  which interdependently catapults an idea into a phenomenal success.
Why is this such a relevant topic for us today? Well, like many of you, Twenty York Street, started out as a fashion blog that showcases personal style, a dairy of sartorial choices and aspirations. At the same time, it is also a platform for brilliant up and coming talents, be it fashion designers, dancers, bloggers and other artists. From covering the city’s biggest fashion and lifestyle events like the Ottawa Fashion Week to up close and personal interviews with established Canadian designers – lately, @20YS has taken on a very exciting direction that we are at a crossroad of deciding where we want to be and how to move forward.
I’m not saying Twenty York Street has taken on its tipping point to a level of massive recognition but it did, precisely that, tipped at some point. The exact point when – I cannot tell you. Were the three rules of epidemics at play? I cannot tell you. But it has tipped. From a fashion blog perspective, somewhere along the way, it took a brilliant turn that it’s neither Bryan Boy or The Man Repeller or other famous fashion blogs out there, but it certainly has garnered decent attention. Decent enough for people to stop and notice, talk, connect and most importantly, inspire.
We’ve had a share of success and achievements in the short time since we’ve launch and if you will indulge me, one day, I will tell you all about it.
For now, what you need to know is this…
I thank you.

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