The Busy Neighbour Does #LIFEOFSTYLE

When 20YS invited me to attend #LIFEOFSTYLE, there is no way I could turn down the invitation. Having watched 20YS grow and evolve over the last year has been truly awe inspiring. From a few posts being shot at lunch by YouGotSquared, to guest collaborations, amazing contests and honest and open feelings about life, 20YS has arrived and #LIFEOFSTYLE was a much-earned celebration.

 Some photos in this post, courtesy of: CL Buchanan Photography.

First, kudos to the whole team that contributed to this amazing night: 20YS, THANN, Beyond Events, YouGotSquared, Frash, StartUp Dance, Eric_Deejay, and Moose Photography. #LIFEOFSTYLE at the Arc Hotel was developed to showcase not just 20YS, but this insanely talented group of young professionals and entrepreneurs, who make Ottawa a more stylish and diverse city to live in. (More on this group later.)

Sexy green and black #LIFEOFSTYLE Swag Bags from THANN Skincare and other generous sponsors.


Oyster Bar, how sexy can you get? Courtesy of: Whalesbone Catering.

 Not sure what to expect, I arrived at the very famous Arc Hotel for my first time. As the official sponsor and home to both the 31st Genie Awards and the 2011 Ottawa International Film Festival, it is also the Capital’s go-to hotel for the world’s biggest name in Hollywood and Rockstars! I was very giddy with excitement to finally set my foot in this gorgeous boutique hotel.

A little red carpet and red rope outside immediately upped my experience and the class of the event. I was glad I changed from flats to stilettos outside the hotel – there was a damn good looking crowd in the lobby!

The sexiest of swag bags! With contents from: THANN Skincare,
Ottawa At Home Magazine, Dress to Kill Magazine, Joseph’s at the Rideau Centre, Reggina’s,
DNA11 and more!

Walking inside, I was instantly impressed when waiting for us was a team of beautiful women and a mysterious sunglasses wearing bouncer/superhero were there to greet us, direct us to the coat check, check us in for the night on iPads and then escorted us into the room. Those little details immediately brought the night up from a fun event hosted by friends, to a classy, high-end celebration.

 with Fadi Ghaby of THANN Skincare, Colin Morrison, General Manager of the Arc Hotel and Yummy Mummy Ottawa: Krista Kealey, Kelli MacKinnon-Catana, Loukia M.Z. (Also in the running for the Search for Daytime Ottawa’s next co-host), Consuelo Bernardi, Candace Derickx, Krista Swanson and of course, Stuntman Stu
 ML with the camera elusive E and Shakira and Mike Whitton of Little Cakes with Wendy of Beyond Events. 
Fadi Ghaby of THANN with Danielle of Danyka C  from Montreal, 
 and Lee Ann LaCroix of CTV News.

ML and the owners of REGGINA’s Pastry: the handsome Guil Perez and Ryan Douglas.

ML and Kelli MacKinnon-Catana of www.kellidaisy.comYummy Mummy Club
and Top 3 in Search for Daytime Ottawa’s next co-host.

Inside the room, the music was bumping and the vibe was good looking people, there for a good time. We arrived at about 7 and the room was already packed, a testament to the event and the need for more nights like this in Ottawa! First – we head to the bar (naturally).

The very sexy bar the Lounge, Arc Hotel.

 Arne Berg and Adam Pap in #LIFEOFSTYLE action!
Fadi Ghaby of THANN with ML, Grace and the boyz of Cloud in the Sky Studios.
Cherie-Lynn Ervine-Buchanan of CL Buchanan Photography, Danielle of Danyka C. and J of YouGotSquared and Twenty York Street.
 Fadi Ghaby of THANN with Danielle of Danyka C. from Montreal, Kelli Daisy and Marjolaine.
Some of the city’s Beautiful People.
Twenty York Street‘s friends:

The Arc Hotel had drinks made especially for the night that were fantastic. We bop around and find 20YS and THANN at a mini red carpet, with a huge mural in the background displaying the names of the event’s hosts.

Oyster Bar, courtesy of: Whalesbone Catering
Next up, the oyster bar, where an abundance delicious fresh oysters from New Brunswick and PEI were available, just next to a woman giving out hand massages with products from THANN.

The aromatic body scrubs from THANN Skincare smell so heavenly.

Cupcakes shooters? Who would have thought!

An amazing selection of cupcakes and icing shooters were in another corner. I didn’t make it to the corner where Eric_Deejay was at, but the crowd was hot and packed there.

The Hot and Rockin’ Eric_Deejay with Juliana of MIIKALI and Brian Tong of Startup Dance.
YouGotSquared Team: the hot and talented – Jose and Pino.
The always energetic and cute Lee Mosseau of Moose Photography
and Twenty York Street with lovely guest, Kimberly Dunn.

Photos from the talented YouGotSquared lined the walls of the room, a nice touch and a unique way to showcase his incredible photography skills.

Tweeting away – Fast and Furious: Joe Hashem and Sophie from Kania/A Little Glitter!
Kim Sullivan of Boom 99.7 – giving Twitter lessons? (Kim is also in the running for Top 3 in Search for Daytime Ottawa’s next co-host.)

The HOT ZONE and the very popular Tweet Wall Pro from Belgium.
Television screens displayed live tweeting, live beatboxing and killer dancing from Startup Dance and the Flavour Factory were all things that wowed the crowd before we left around 8:30pm. Overhearing the crowd, people were networking, feeling good and thrilled to have the opportunity to attend such a unique event in Ottawa.

Brian Tong of StartUp Dance with the Flavour Factory heating up the dance floor!
Did I mention there was a fabulous fashion show from MIIKALI by Juliana Giraldo on top of that? The beautiful hair and make-up was generously provided by Joseph’s at the Rideau Centre and the statesque models from the famous agency: Cover Models Management! I can’t speak more about it as I think ML has a post instore just for that!
Gorgeous models from Cover Models Management in MIIKALI.
The very lucky man amongst all the beautiful ladies (from L-R)  with Fadi Ghaby of THANN Skincare with ML of Twenty York Street, Canadian Designers Emilia Torabi and Jana Hanzel (showing at OFW 2011), the gorgeous Julie Beun, Fashion  Journalist and Janet Wilson, Fashion Editor, both from the Ottawa Citizen.
Attended by the city’s biggest names in media – Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa At Home Magazine, Where Ottawa, Ottawa Magazine, Next Big Thing Magazine and many, many bloggers and online publications such as: EF Magazine, Be Healthy, Be Beautiful Ottawa (BHBBO) and Fashion Designers, Social Media Experts, and many, many more – the #LIFEOFSTYLE at the Arc Hotel was a PHENOMENAL SUCCESS!!!
Mr. Fadi Ghaby, owner of THANN Skincare with ML in Sukhoo Sukhoo Couture by Frank Sukhoo.
The handsome Tristan Hanington of K6 Media Inc. (behind the very in-demand #LIFEOFSTYLE Backdrop by K6 Media), the charming Ingrid Meza-McDonald of the Ottawa Senators, Fadi Ghaby of THANN Skincare, Wendy of Beyond Events with the beautiful Stacey Bafi-Yeboa of Kania Couture.

ML and the gorgeous Ms. Julie Beun of the Ottawa Citizen (with designer Emilia Torabi).

The whole team (mentioned above) should be proud of themselves. #LIFEOFSTYLE was trending by 6:05 pm, the party was just warming up and by 7:00 pm – it was trending at TOP TEN in Twitter!!! And not just in Canada folks but worldwide!!!
A group of young, hip, smart and talented professionals in Ottawa bringing together a diverse crowd to support each other, but also to show that Ottawa has talented, stylish and young entrepreneurs that are here and the scene is growing.
Some of #LIFEOFSTYLE beautiful volunteers.
Some of #LIFEOFSTYLE team members:
The J, Isobel, ML, Fadi and Pino.

Congratulations to everyone involved on the success of #LIFEOFSTYLE. I am betting the next one will need to be at a much bigger venue!

The Busy Neighbour

Editor’s Note: Photos courtesy of: Ottawa Arne, Adam Pap from Photos by Adam Pap and of course, Cherie-Lynn Ervine-Buchanan of CL Buchanan PhotographyMore coming up – MIIKALI Fashion Show tomorrow – stay tuned!

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