Ottawa Fashion: Big Sexy Sale Alert

The biggest sale to hit Lilac Lingerie since it’s opening last year is coming… Starting September 1st to the 30th, 2011, Lilac Lingerie will mark down items from the Spring/Summer 2011 collection and older by 50%.

Amazing, yes? 

{Sea of Dreams by Pleasure State, also available in bra and full bottom set}
Finding that perfect bra was once thought to be an impossible mission by yourself truly.  The last time I was measured was when I “graduated” from a trainer bra to the real deal.  My usual bra shopping experience consists of finding a cute pattern, having a friend take a sneak a peak at the size tag on my back and skipping the change room all together.  
Sound familiar?
The bra ends up fitting well enough… but it’s maybe a little loose, too tight or just a bit awkward. I’m going to take a wild guess that this is a familiar experience for a lot of you lovelies?

{Linda Black Chemise & Bottom by Affinitas Intimates & Helix by Pleasure State}
At Lilac Lingerie, each shopping trip can turn into a personal fitting experience to find the best fitting bra possible.   Now, reading the words “personal fitting” may be a little intimidating to those who are more reserved or shy… But letting the professionals do what they do best, will leave you feeling satisfied with your newest lingerie purchase.  
 {Spectrum by Pleasure State & Sarah White by Affinitas Intimates}
Since it I felt like I was overdue for a fitting, I was more than pleased to take on this Twenty York Street assignment.  From my experience, which was overall fun & enjoyable, I would like to share some tips when going bra fitting:
1) Bring someone for moral support.  It’s helpful to have a friend or spouse tag along to break the ice, give encouragement or a second opinion.  
2) Forget all expectations in regards to sizing… Seriously.  I went in wearing a 34-B and came out a 30-D.  So let the ladies at Lilac Lingerie pass you that unexpected size and just try it on, you might like the fit better than your usual.
3) Let go of modesty.  My initial question was “can I wear my shirt during the fitting?”.  Of course I could wear my shirt but it makes things a lot more difficult and lengthy.  So I went all out and it was a comfortable experience.  The ladies are sweet, helpful and professional.  
4) Have fun!  With so many different styles, designs and options you can not only find the best fit but something for all occasions. 
{Linda, Lilac by Change & Coral Chemise by La Fee Verte}
Now, the best part you ask?

A lucky 20 York Street reader could win a bra & panty set from the sales inventory.  To enter, you must be able to come to the Ottawa area between September 1 – 30th in order to visit Lilac Lingerie to pick out your set.  

To enter, leave a comment with your email address.
For an extra entry tweet “Win a bra and panty set from @LilacLingerie! Enter at @20YS cc: @loveashelle” 
Let the Lilac Lingerie Party begin!!!
Post written by Ashelle
Photographs taken by Lee of Moose Photography

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